Good morning everyone and welcome to the #BBTC. It has been a months in the works and now it is getting started!

What I have found through my years of book blogging is that everyone is always trying to improve their blogs. Hopefully this Book Blogger Twitter Con will assist bloggers in connecting, learning and assisting in that endeavor. Each day there will be two panels. One in the morning and one in the evening. Each panel will cover a different topic.

Today on the agenda:

Copyright and Plagiarism
10:00am CST

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Moderator: @missiontoread


Kelly Walker’s Cornerstone (Signed) US Only
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eBook (Amazon Gift) Bittersweet Seraphim (The Seraphim Series) by Debra Anastasia
Nominated for #BBTC Best Book (Published 2012) Adult

A case of the Neggies I – Writing Negative Reviews
7:00pm EST

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Moderator: @cuddlebuggery


AD Starrling’s Soul Meaning
eBook Copy (International)
Paperback Copy & Swag Pack (International)
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