Indies on PJV: Why Choose Indie?


I think over the short course of my presence here on PJV I have shown that I am a huge indie author supporter. So this is my post to explain why I choose indie.

I do read traditionally published books. I read a lot of them, but honestly, Indies are more in my budget. As a single mother on a limited income I can’t afford to spend 9.99 and up on every book I read. Mainly because I read so much. Patti recently talked about book budgeting. I am extremely horrible at doing this. If I had to guess I would say I spend at least $30 a month on books. But the volume of books I get for that is double what I would get if I bought print books off the shelf.

I’m also a freebie collector. People are shocked when they hear the number of books on my kindle/cloud. All told I have right around 800 books between the two of them. I would say that at least 600 of them are indie. If I had to guess I would say that maybe 1/4 of them were freebies. I’m not a fool. I know I will never get to all of those books. I have a problem. I know it, you know it. Book addiction is real. It’s not something I even want to quit.

I’ve been extremely fortunate in the indies that I have read.

My first indie author was the amazing Tamara Rose Blodgett. Her books are unique, fun and interesting.

The second indie author I discovered was JL Bryan. Jenny Pox is flawless. So yeah, no regrets in downloading that freebie, and paying for the rest of the series.

My third indie author was Rhiannon Frater. I discovered her through her series AtWD which is published through Tor, but I quickly moved on to her self published stuff. The Tale of the Vampire Bride is on of my all time favorite books. I love everything she puts out.

Alexia Purdy continues to blow me away. I could literally keep listing the authors that put out quality product on their own time after time.

Annie Walls is a new-ish indie author who strives to put out the best possible product she can.

Amanda Hocking’s indie titles are just as amazing as the ones she has put out with a major publisher.

Yes, I have read some doozies. But I’ve read some real doozies from traditional publishers as well.
I think once you find those gems in the indie bunch that you are likely to keep trying. This is reviews come in handy. I like to joke that I don’t read reviews. The truth of the matter is that I don’t read a lot of reviews. Which is amazing because that is what I choose to do with my time, review books. I try read at least one good review and one bad review before purchasing a book. Any more than that and I feel like other people’s opinions will start to taint my reading and review of the book.

So this is why I choose indie. They offer a product that I enjoy at an affordable price. Do you have a reason why you prefer one publishing method over the other? What are some of your indie gems?