PJV Quickie: Prophecy of the Undead really had potential. Sure it’s your typical vampire story, but I am, and will always be, a fan of any book that has a sexy vampire hero. Also, I have a very short list of things I can’t resist in a movie or a book and interracial romances are at the top of that list. Throw in the sci-fi feel, which makes the story a bit unique, and I had a must read on my hands. Unfortunately, while the idea of the book was good, everything else, including the characters, fell short.

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Title: Prophecy of the Undead
Author: Fiona McGier
Series: A Mayan Vampire Romance #1
Type: Paranormal Romance
Published: November 7th 2012 by Eternal Press
Source: Author
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Raised by her single mother in the ghetto Keisha had no hope of doing much with her life. Fortunately, with a high IQ and a passion for science she was able to receive multiple scholarships for college, which changed her life drastically. With the desire to help individuals similar to her siblings, who never made it out of the ghetto, Keisha spends years studying the source of intelligence. But, once she makes the discovery, the people who fund her research will do anything to stop her from sharing it with the public, which forces her to go on the run and right into Yuri’s arms. The sexy Russian vampire might have saved her from one harm, but can he save her from a bigger threat?

Yuri has been searching for someone who can answer his questions about the origination of his species, which leads him to the lovely Keisha. Upon meeting her he’s instantly smitten with her body as well as her mind. Soon they become lovers by day and researchers by night. However, once Keisha discovers an alien race the might be linked to the vampires, she finds herself in danger again. Now Yuri, along with some friends, must find an old enemy before he gets to Keisha.


I really liked Keisha in the beginning of the book. For one, I could relate to her story and I thought highly of her because of her background and accomplishments. Secondly, I’m a big fan of kick-ass characters and anyone that can outsmart and beat two guys is definitely alright in my book.  But my admiration of Keisha quickly turned into indifference. I just couldn’t get invested in her story at all and I didn’t feel that connection to her that I felt in the earlier chapters. I didn’t care, at all, about the odd things that were happening to her or her romance with Yuri. Also, I found it strange that she could just easily accept being a vampire, I think something that big takes some time to get use to. But that’s not the case for Keisha. Almost instantaneously she’s referring to humans as “them” or “mortals” when she was one of them only a few days ago. I would expect her to still, at least unconsciously, group herself with that crowd for a while. Then there’s her reaction, or lack there of, to the color of Yuri’s “bodily” fluid. Yes, the change in color from white to red might make sense, but I think it’s something that would take some getting use to.

While we’re on the subject of their romance, let’s discuss how unbelievable and fast it was. One minute Yuri is checking out Keisha’s curves, the next minutes he’s thinking about how to slowly woo her so that they can spend eternity together. I’m given no reason for his sudden strong interest in Keisha, except that she’s incredible smart (which everyone in the book felt the need to remind me of every few pages) and that she’s the first woman, in a long time, to get a reaction out of him. Then, Yuri doesn’t even have the decency to follow his original plan and go slow, instead, he makes love to her a couple of hours later. Soon he’s confessing his love for her and rejoicing at the fact that he will no longer have to spend eternity alone, and, surprisingly, Keisha doesn’t question any of this. Call me odd, but if some man is confessing his love for me only a few days after us meeting each other, I would be a bit freaked out. Instead, Keisha shares Yuri’s feelings and they proceed to overuse the term “my love” every chance they get. Insta-love at its finest.

Another thing I disliked about the book was the childishness of it. Keisha is in her early thirties but she gigled so much I kept seeing her as a nervous, high school teenager. Not only did she giggle too much, but she giggled for the weirdest reasons and at the most inappropriate times. But as much as that was annoying, I found Yuri’s term of the endearment, My love, even more so. I just don’t find it cute anymore when it pops up on every other page, especially when I’m not invested in the romance at all. The use of ‘silly’ by a man, to describe another man (more than once), was another thing that had me grinding my teeth. And, before you think me sexist, it also irritated the heck out of me when Yuri used it on Keisha. She was either a silly girl or a little girl, neither one worked for me.

Another thing that didn’t work for me was the flow of the story or the, sometimes choppy, dialogue between the characters. I often found myself thinking, “what just happened,” or “that reaction was definitely uncalled for.” Things were either too dramatic or too random. For a while, I couldn’t quite put my fingers on it, but it was something that caused a lot of eye rolls. Halfway through I’m suddenly hit with an epiphany: this is the book version of bad acting. Similar to movies with bad actors/acting, you had forced, weird, confusing dialogues, over dramatic and random reactions to certain situations, and just an overall bad flow, which made the book hard to get through.

Basically, this story just didn’t do it for me. While I liked the few action scenes, everything else made it a less than entertaining read for me. Usually the side characters are the saving grace of stories like these, but I found them just as annoying as the main ones and that goes back to the dialogue and the bad acting. With that said, I will admit that the idea of vampires originating from an alien race was very interesting and I might have paid more attention to that aspect of the story if I wasn’t so focused on all the things I mentioned above.