Review: Touched by Corrine Jackson, Young Adult Paranormal Romance Novel

PJV Quickie: There is a lot of mixed emotions going on in my head right now in regard to Touched by Corrine Jackson. On one hand I was riveted by the story. I opened the first page and spent the next couple of hours engrossed until I finished. But, on the other hand, there were some very obvious problems with the story. So, yes, I liked this story…if you look past a lot of things.
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Title: Touched
Author: Corrine Jackson
Series: Sense Thieves #1 (1 of 3)
Type: Young Adult Paranormal
Published: November 27th 2012 by KTeen
Source: Publisher
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Touched starts in the midst of turmoil. Remy O’Malley lives with her mother and her abusive step-father, Dean. Remy has come home early from work to find her mother practically comatose from Dean’s abuse. It is one of too many times that this has happened. Remy has a special ability though, her touch heals and each time her mother is abused she takes on her injuries, absorbing them into herself. When Dean turns his anger on Remy this last time, though, enough is enough and her real father finally steps up to the plate, taking full custody of her.

Halfway across the country, still bruised and battered (she can’t heal herself too quickly or her abilities might be discovered), she has the chance to make a new start. This of course, is when she meets a boy. Asher Blackwell. On first glance she knows there is something different about him, besides his ridiculous good-looks and when they touch and his own power nearly devours her, she knows there is something about Asher that she should stay away from. His powers are the anti-thesis of her own and when they touch something bad could happen, one of them could die or be changed forever. Is he her enemy or her fate? Should she stay away, or let him into her life?

The main thing about this book is Jackson’s pacing. One thing after another happens, the book never slows down. You go rocket-fast through each scene, never slowing down. From abusive step-dads, to heart-stopping romantic entanglements, then on to fight scenes and then crazy stalkers. Jackson keeps you guessing around every turn. It is why I sat riveted with this book, I had to know what happened next.

The next plus is the characters, I really enjoyed Remy, she was a fighter and at times needed to get her thoughts straight and at others was right on track. I enjoyed reading her story and how she handled things. On top of that, I also enjoyed when her and her sister teamed up. Lucy and Remy together made me wish I had a sister and I was happy for Remy that she was able to bond with Lucy even after all the trauma she went through. So, as a whole, the action, some of the story lines and the characters are what kept this book afloat for me.

Twilight Like Fifty Shades of GreyNow to go into details of why this book was rather a hot mess for me.

The number one reason was the lack of originality. Corrine Jackson took themes from a few MAJOR young adult novels and meshed them together to make one story. The first one that comes across blatantly is Twilight. Come on, even the cover says Twilight. And what significance does it hold? There is some symbolic significance, but it is minor, the publisher could have conceptualized on this better.

I know, Twilight comparisons are an eye-roll moment, but the book is full of them. Remy is like a more assertive Bella, though. The storyline differs because of the abuse, but it still is very similar. Girl moves across the country to live with her dad, meets the bad boy, who is über-rich, über-hot and über-immortal. Plain girl, Remy and Touch of Power, Fantasyüber-hot Asher are drawn to each other, even though Remy’s “humming” presence literally hurts Asher to be around. Asher has a tight family, who is also members of the über-hot crowd. Asher tends to carry Remy around, even though I think there was mentions of her being close to six-foot tall. There was also even a get on my back and let’s race up a mountain moment. At least he didn’t tell her to “hang-on spider monkey and run up a tree.” Twilight references aside, there was also the similarity to Maria Synder’s Touch of Power. The Healer’s touch heals, but absorbs the injuries herself.

And that is just the originality of the story.

Then there was the story itself, for its own merits. Which was good, I have to reiterate that, but it had its faults. The couple was too much at times. They kept reinforcing their love, the Welsh term of endearment he kept using on her, the mind-reading I love yous, it just got kind of sappy. Then the evil antagonist. That was too much. I certainly expected we would be introduced to something new, maybe the evil genius behind the Protectors…not what was continued throughout the novel. The antagonist’s intentions made no sense. To go into to details would be to spoil the book, so I shall stop here. But I do need to talk about the ending.

First point, there was a surprise at the end, but the author stuck this bizarre foreshadowing/reveal about two-thirds into the book that completely ruined that surprise. It was like wait — I forgot to allude to the surprise, so let me write that in. She had continually referenced her father and his “heart” but suddenly two-thirds through the book…again I don’t want to give away spoilers. But, it did pop me out of the story. What also popped me out of the story was how helpless Remy was at times and then how powerful she was. It would be as if she used her powers only when the author needed her too, which added more action to the book, but was actually over-dramatic and was unnecessary.

“I’m going to die — I sacrifice myself for the greater good…!!!!” FADE TO BLACK. Boosh. Dead.

“Dude, it’s just a scratch.”

“Oh…well, yeah that.”

That is it…I think I might cut myself off right here. Again, to repeat myself. The book was good, was compelling…but meant to be read with a shallow perusal. You’ll like it if you don’t turn on your critic’s eye.


There are some heavy topics like abuse that are related in detail in the novel. I would recommend this for mature YA readers, I’m giving this a PG13 rating. For fans of Young Adult Paranormal Romance, you should enjoy, especially if you like books that are similar to — wait for it… Twilight.

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