PJV Quickie: Combining some wonderfully creative fables, a romance born from strange circumstances, and some incredibly delightful, colorful characters resulted in a stunning first book in a new trilogy. Author T. Rae Mitchell did an amazing job of creating an intricate world with captivating characters, without making the plot confusing or inundating the reader with too many details. Am I looking forward to Book 2? Oh yeah, most definitely!

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Title: Fate’s Fables
Author: T. Rae Mitchell
Series: Fate’s Journey, #1
Type: Young Adult Paranormal
Published: February 1st 2013 by Original Mix Media Inc.
Source: Author
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Review: The heart of this story revolves around a young woman named Fate who unwittingly gets sucked into a mysterious book, the Book of Fables. She’s not alone though; along with her for this wild ride is a perplexing man named Finn, whom Fate instantly feels a strong connection to. Unaware of the ulterior reasons for their entrapment in this book, they are met with a grim reality; in order to escape, they must visit each of 8 fables. They all have a rather tragic ending, which Fate and Finn must essentially rewrite, changing it into a positive outcome instead. As would be expected, their task isn’t easy and they run into a lot of complications along the way, both with the people/creatures who inhabit the fables and with each other. Will they be able to overcome all of the obstacles and explore a possible future together? (Hint: This is book 1 of a trilogy so that should give you at least an inkling about what the ending might hold)

The characters really shined in this novel. Our heroine, Fate, doesn’t seem too impressive when we first meet her. She’s just an average teenager, besides the fact that she’s a bestselling author at 17. She grows by leaps and bound as the story progresses, but she doesn’t lose sight of the caring, spunky, witty person she was before. She simply becomes more than that. The other main character, Finn, remains a mystery for a while. Why did he end up getting sucked into this nightmare along with Fate? Not that she was complaining much; when you get stranded alongside a hot guy with a sexy accent you tend not to ask too many questions. Finn doesn’t grow in the same way as Fate, because he was already a strong, confident, protective man to begin with, but he has to come to terms with several incredibly harsh realities along the way. While not a main character, I can’t help but mention Sithias. He is a human-like snake creature with wings, who Fate and Finn meet in the first fable. He added an element of humor and was just a fun character overall.

Almost everything worked well in this book, from the interactions between characters to the captivating fables. It was one of those reads where you set it down because you absolutely have to do something in real life, but can’t wait to sit down and start reading again to find out what happens next. I also appreciated the fact that this was unlike anything I’ve read before. There’s nothing worse than diving into a book and thinking, “I’m having a serious case of deja vu!” The only real gripe I had was with the structure of a few of the chapters. One second Fate would the be the focus of narration, then the following paragraph would be from Finn’s point of view. It caught me off guard when it happened; I think it would be beneficial to separate those instances with page breaks to make it more obvious which character is the focus.

As for the relationship between Fate and Finn, I’m almost positive you’ve never read about a romance like this before. It’s complicated by many things, but there is one very big secret about Finn’s life that seems almost impossible for them to move past. Going through tough times tends to make couples even stronger, so really these things only served to further strengthen their bond. I’m declaring the romance a sizzle, because their chemistry together was insane and they refused to give up on each other.

If you couldn’t tell already, I really enjoyed Fate’s Fables. The characters were well developed, the storyline was engaging and clever, and it was so different from other books I have read in the same genre. I have some bad news though; according to the author’s web page, Fate’s Keep (book 2 of the trilogy) is expected to release in 2014. The year wait will be tough, but I am confident it will be worth it.


I think anyone who is a lover of romance will enjoy this book, as long as you aren’t turned off by the fantasy theme. Also, anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to get sucked into a book (yeah, it’s not as glamorous as I dreamed it would be!)

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