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Nyx Fortuna from Marlene Perez’s STRANGE FATES spends his whole life tempting fate. He’s  been ont he run from his Aunts. He’s trying to find what little is left of his mother and of his life. It won’t be easy but fortune favors the bold…

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Nyx Fortuna, the main character of Marlene Perez’s Strange Fates, has been hunted by his aunts, the three Fates, for his entire life. His aunts’ Tracker, Gaston, also hunted him.

How did you manage to avoid capture when you were young?
My mother, the fourth and forgotten Fate, protected me. We were on the run, but we were together.

Then what happened?
My aunts murdered her.

Why would they do that?
I was the first male born to the Wyrd line and a prophecy (if you believe in that stuff, I don’t) foretold the Fates’ fall at his hands. Morta wanted to cut my thread of fate when I was born and end my life, but my mother took my thread of fate and hid it. I aged until she died, which was when I was in my twenties. My driver’s license says I’m twenty-five, but I’m over two hundred years old.  Lying about your age is definitely one way to hide your identity.

How did you survive after your mother’s death?
I was on the run. I never stayed in one place for long. When I finally decided to face my aunts, I spent some time planning my disguise. I dyed my hair the color of black licorice and bought an occulo spell, which hid the essentials of what made me me. I was warned, though, that the eyes were the hardest to hide. And I have my mother’s eyes. You can never really hide who you truly are, though, no matter how much you try.

You’ve lived a long life, how does one live in this world for so long?
It is lonely living such a long life, but I have no choice. I wish I could end it all, at least I did, before I moved to Minneapolis to face my aunts and met friends. I haven’t dared to have friend in a long time, because the Fates always hunted them down and killed them. But my new friends seem to be able to take care of themselves.

What identities have you had to take on in the past to get by your aunts’ detection?
Part of it is I always had to keep moving to stay one step ahead of the Fates’ Tracker. I tried to avoid drawing attention to myself.  I’ve changed my name so many times that I’ve almost lost track of my true name. Names have power. I had to change my patterns of behavior, which is hard to do. I got tired of running, of being hunted. So I decided to face my aunts.
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