Romancing the Weekends: Beyond Control by Kit Rocha

PJV Quickie: Full of characters that emanate sex and power, Beyond Control is a distinctive story set in a future that is sexy, dangerous, and addictive.

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Title: Beyond Control (Beyond book 2)
Author: Kit Rocha
Type: Erotic Dystopian
Published: March 19, 2013 (Self-Published)
Source: Author
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 Review: In a time where it’s dangerous to be a woman, Alexa “Lex” Parrino has not only survived but has come out on top.  Facing a life in Sector 2 of being sold to men, she escapes and lives on the street, until she meets Dallas O’Kane, the leader of Sector 4.  Life is good now, or as good as it can get: she has the love of Dallas, and she’s in a position to help people who can’t help themselves.

Dallas O’Kane has loved Lex since he first laid eyes on her.  He wants her, all of her, to stand by his side and help him rule his expanding territory.  But Lex won’t be owned, no matter how pretty Dallas makes it look.  He wants her, needs her, and won’t rest until she’s his.


I’m not a smoker, but I’m sitting here trying to recover from Beyond Control, wondering if a cigarette would help.  Holy hell this book is hot.  Note to self: Have plenty of ice handy before reading anything by Kit Rocha.  Beyond Control is a kinky, dirty adventure in reading.  As I read through, I was seeing the scenes in my head as a gritty, edgy black and white movie a’la Sin City, and loving every minute of it.

I was fascinated with Dallas and Lex in the first book, Beyond Shame (my review here) and I’m happy to say Beyond Control delivers!  We learn more about the world-building and the different sectors and players and I’ve got to say, I want more!!  I was thrilled to get some of Lex’s backstory and although I feel like we still don’t know Dallas’ history, it’s okay because I really felt like this was Lexie’s book.    I was surprised to find she’s softer underneath than I realized but she’s still one heck of a kick-ass heroine.

Relationship-wise, I found myself a bit confused at times by Lex and Dallas, but I think it’s because they were confused and didn’t know how to ask for what they wanted from each other without making themselves completely vulnerable – a dangerous thing to do in their dystopian future.  Their scenes together were raw and intense and everything I’d hoped they would be.

It’s not just Dallas and Lex that make this book though; some of my favorite chapters were the ones where we got the view of one of the secondary characters.  One of the wonderful things I’m seeing about this series is the continuity of the characters even as they move from primary to secondary characters – I was completely satisfied with how things are going with Jasper and Noelle from Beyond Shame, as well as catching up on other characters to see what they’re up to (hint: A LOT.  I am SOOOO excited to read Bren and Six’s book next. 1st chapter here)

I’m looking forward to seeing how the actions set up in Beyond Control play out in future books – the intrigue and potential outcomes for various events that take place in Beyond Control are going to change the lives of the residents (and the men and women in control) of Sector 4.


Beyond Control will appeal to fans of Erotica and Dystopia.  With many themes running through, the politics, relationships, and a fascinating setting, it can appeal to a wide audience, but be warned: there is a lot of sex and it is hot.

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