Recently, I had the opportunity to read Forged by Fate by Amalia Dillin and if you read my review here on Parajunkee’s View you’ll know how much I loved the book. So of course I had to get in touch with the author and ask her a few questions. Everyone, please help me to welcome Amalia Dillin to the blog.

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After Adam fell, God made Eve to protect the world. — Adam has pursued Eve since the dawn of creation, intent on using her power to create a new world and make himself its God. Throughout history, Eve has thwarted him, determined to protect the world and all of creation. Unknown to her, the Norse god Thor has been sent by the Council of Gods to keep her from Adam’s influence, and more, to protect the interests of the gods themselves. But this time, Adam is after something more than just Eve’s power — he desires her too, body and soul, even if it means the destruction of the world. Eve cannot allow it, but as one generation melds into the next, she begins to wonder if Adam might be a man she could love.

Every god, from each of the world’s pantheons, mythologies, and religions — they’re all real in this enthralling fantasy romance that spans centuries.

So I’ve just got to know, what is your obsession with goats?
Ha!! I wouldn’t call it an obsession, but I think they’re pretty adorable, and I have a LOT of lawn — so I see them as a solution to the problem of mowing it all. And the bonus Mythology/Thor connection just makes them that much more fun. I mean, war goats. It’s one of those things that you know must be true because who would make that up?

Lol, of course it would have something to do with Thor! War goats? Is that having goats in the military?
‪Well, in Norse mythology, Thor’s chariot is pulled by Goats. I always imagined him riding into battle, hammer raised, goats charging. War goats.

Speaking of, I know you’re a huge fan of Thor (smart woman) so I have to ask, what do you think of Chris Hemsworth?
‪I think Chris Hemsworth does a fantastic job of channeling Marvel’s Thor. And I was REALLY pleased with how much he bulked up for the role. Nothing could have been worse than a wimpy-looking Thor.

So you like Chris, but who would you choose to play Thor if your book was made into a movie?
‪That’s a really hard question — I think maybe Nicolaj? The guy playing Jamie (Jaime?) in Game of Thrones for HBO. He would definitely be on my wishlist. Also, the guy (Clive Standen) playing Ragnar’s brother on that Vikings series on the History channel could be a pretty solid Thor, with some dyed hair.

While cruising around your website I noticed that you write (along with Amy Hayson) a serial, Thor in Zombieland, titled The Wheels on the Bus. Thor and Zombies!
1. Is there no end to your awesomeness? 2. How did the title come about?
Hahahahahaha. Well, I think a lot of the credit for Thor in Zombie Land and Wheels on the Bus has to go to Mia Hayson — because I’m really just not nearly as funny without her, and her zombies really inspired the whole thing. (And my fear of  glitter). The title The Wheels on the Bus came from the first episode, where Thor and Amalia begin by taking the bus in an attempt to get to the mall. All I could think was that children’s song…it just seemed fitting, I guess!

Book Questions:

There are so many things going on with your book, with a lot of overlap between different mythologies, faiths, biblical and mythological events, etc. But with all of that the book wasn’t confusing at all. Everything fit together quite nicely. How did you manage to accomplish that? What was your process?
‪Magic? Ha. No, um, mostly a lot of research and study and trial and error. Figuring out how all these mythologies fit together was probably one of the biggest challenges of the book, and dating mythological events! Hoo boy. That’s difficult all by itself, but then creating a coherent chronology of events between different mythologies on top of that — it gets complicated really quickly, but I was pretty lucky that the things I wanted to hit on most (Eve as Helen of Troy, and Eve as the mother of Moses) fit together side-by-side pretty well. As for the rest, I usually picked a historical period, and then went looking for the figures and events who fit the characters best. Kind of like the strangest overview of history ever, I guess!

I loved that, while your book deals with a lot of different religions, it does not come across as preachy or pushy. Is this something that you worried about and paid attention to while writing this book?
Subconsciously, I’m sure it was. But the book isn’t really about religion, and Eve’s story is definitely not about religion, so I think that made it easier because the focus was really, and has always really been, for me, on the element of LOVE, over anything else when it comes to that kind of thing.
Maybe I am preaching “Hippy” by saying so!

Definitely not. That’s exactly what I took away from the book. Almost like the religion is there because of the characters, but, really, the book is simple a love story.
Well, the thing is — when it comes to LOVE divine or otherwise, if you’re doing it right, I’m not sure there is a lot of room for “pushy” or “Preachy” it’s about example. And I know I don’t have a lot of patience for it when people tell me what I should believe because… anything. It’s a very personal thing, religion, I just wanted to write a book in which it wasn’t the Achilles heel of humanity, necessarily.

Another thing that I appreciated about this book is that, you not only have wonderful main characters, you also have some pretty awesome side characters as well, my favorites being Garrit and Athena. Can you tell me a little more about those two and will they have bigger roles in the next book?
Um. ‪Yes! ‪Garrit is, of course, the latest in a very long line of DeLeon men who have made it their family’s mission to be there for Eve, wherever and whenever she appears, as needed. So he definitely isn’t going away. ha. Not while Adam is hanging around, and so closely tied to Eve’s current family!
And Athena — well, she is going to face some difficult choices. Involving more than just her relationship, or non-relationship, as the case may be, with Thor.

Sad face for Athena. I love her, but I’m rooting for Eve and Thor.
I’ve heard a lot of people are rooting for Thor and Athena too, which I’m not sure I was expecting but, I can’t really blame them.

I can see that. If I didn’t love Eve so much, I would be rooting for them too.
That’s the really fascinating part of all of this — exploring what relationships and love look like among immortals.

Is there anything you can tell us about the next book in the series, A Fate Forgotten? *Cough* possible release date *Cough*
‪Hahahaha. I wish I could! I don’t have one yet, either, even to leak to you! But I will tell you this: A Fate Forgotten is written. So that should be some reassurance! And so is book three.‪ And I’ll also tease you by saying that A Fate Forgotten will give us a peek into Adam’s thought processes, too, in addition to the characters we already know and love.‪

Oh, book 3 is written already!!!??? I didn’t know that. I’m excited!
I was too impatient to find out how things ended to wait to write books two and three — I wrote the whole series in one go ha.