Book Blogging 101: Google will shut down Google Reader July 1

The headlines on the March 13th Blog Post of PCWorld read simply:

“Google Reader is dead” {source}

Pause. Take a breath. Okay, freak out.


Google will be shutting down on July 1, 2013 Google Reader, claiming:

While the product has a loyal following, over the years usage has declined. So, on July 1, 2013, we will retire Google Reader.” {source}
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Rss SUbcription alternatives to Google Reader
Oh no! What alternatives to
Google Reader are there?


My Assessment: Google has been uninterested in Google Reader for some time. They haven’t fixed the bugs in the program for a long time.  That is why people were transitioning off. I still have a few choice blogs that I’ve been dying to get rid of that keep coming back. I call them my STD blogs. They just won’t go away no matter how many times I hit delete. I do think people, especially Bloggers like us, are still interested in RSS Subscription apps, which is why there are so many alternative RSS Subscription apps to Google Reader.

PCWorld claims it is because of Twitter and Facebook and other “instantaneous news sources”, but I think it was also because Google just wasn’t taking care of the program. They are claiming that they want to focus their attention on a “few products” not the mass amounts that they’ve launched over the years. {source} This is probably a good thing for Google since a lot of their grumpy critics have claimed their products have good intentions, just lack the necessary support and updates. And with Google coming out with things like Glass, I pretty much know where their aim is going to be…

Google GlassIn a few years will there be a Watch? {iWatch?} Or will there be a Glass? {Glass} Most techs are saying that Google is going to trump Apple in the innovation department. For that to happen Google needs to focus on the important things. You might want to scream because you love your Reader, but frankly ladies and gentlemen, when I get my hands on Google Glass I will not be missing Google Reader. Especially since there are so many great alternatives for your RSS subscriptions. AND — wait for it — you can easily import your Feeds from Google Reader.

That is so easy, right?? Boom, button, squish —
look they are all there.

Rss SUbcription alternatives to Google ReaderMy suggestions, because this wouldn’t be a tips and tricks post without them:

  1. Feedly – Free. The one I use. It is an extension reader, so you add it to your browser. Has a handy button. Boosh – my feeds. Inspired by my STD blogs. I really like Feedly, it is ascetically pleasing. Everything seems to make sense to me, and they even have handy tips on their blog. Today’s blog post even shows you how to migrate your Google Reader feed to Feedly. Sometimes it does take a bit of time to load, which makes me grumpy. {source}
  2. Pulse  & Flipboard – The “pretty” readers. These are the new types of Readers that mock sites like Pinterest, image heavy that put emphasis on certain feeds and new sources. I use Fliboard on my iPad and interacts better with my Twitter and Facebook feed then my RSS subscriptions. It usually emphasizes my “keywords” which were prompted by Flipboard, instead of what I really want to focus on. For example, it prompted me to put what I’m interested in from a drop down list and because I put politics and fashion, those tend to be the “hot” items that are shown – from sources all over the web. I’m sure with customization I could get it right, but I just haven’t put the effort into it.
  3. FeedDemon – Free. This one also synchronizes with Google Reader, it has the ability to implement keywords, tags and get notifications when your “hot” keywords are used in posts.
  4. RSSOwl – Free and you can synchronize too. You can use multiple tabs, to view feeds side by side and it is said to be easily organized. This one reminds me of Outlook.
  5. FeedBooster – Free and you can import your RSS feeds from Google Reader. FeedBooster has a great search function for weeding out your favorite topics.

Good luck and happy migrating.

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Question of the Week:
I’m relatively new to book blogging, so my site isn’t very well known yet. On that note, I love comments and like to encourage discussion on my blog whenever I can.

However, recently I got a strange comment on one of my reviews. The person basically posted their entire review of the book as a comment. They didn’t respond to anything I said in my review, or even acknowledge the fact that they were commenting on someone else’s review.

When I saw it, I immediately set its status to Pending, because I’m not sure how to respond. Do I just reply and thank them for sharing their thoughts on the book? Do I contact them privately? I don’t want to be rude, but I also find it strange to keep someone else’s review in the comments for MY review. Any advice?” – Anonymous 

I was trying to remember where I heard it, I think it was around the time a big Plagiarism scandal broke. But a blogger mentioned that someone was doing this, posting an entire review in their comments. The review turned out to be a plagiarized review from another Book Blogger. I would probably just delete that comment. Even if it isn’t plagiarized, why would you want to promote someone’s review, underneath your own?

Book Blogger News:

  • Google Reader – Of course that is the big news of the week. Google Reader is shutting down July 1, as stated in the post above.
  • Author Juliet Marillier gets grumpy – Supposedly an excited reader got author Juliet Marillier all in a tizzy, so much so that Marillier wrote a post on how not to write a letter to your favorite author. The post has been since removed, but it caused a bit of an uproar because Marillier looked like an asshat. It is said that she apologized, but I don’t even see that anymore. Could be I’m not looking hard enough though. Um…you get fan mail? Oh so sorry, I know that is SUCH a bother. The beauty of this ridiculousness is that Stacia Kane in all her insightful glory wrote a follow-up post that just about made me cry. That woman rocks.  {source}
  • Fundraisers are in! – Need backers for your project? Who needs silent partners and investment firms? Just do an online fundraisers just like Veronica Mars did. From an 11 year old collecting 5K to self-pub her children’s book, to a hit television show making a movie. This is the new way to go. {source 1} {source 2}

Happy Thursday. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity.

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