Poison by Bridget Zinn releases today. In memory of the author, who passed away in May 2011 of Cancer at the age of 33, her family is asking that we do something sweet for Poison. See details here. I thought I would post my “happy” review of her book again (It was first posted in February) and urge everyone to experience this fun adventure story. I also urge everyone to check out Bridget’s website, they have pictures and videos of her. She seemed like such a wonderful person… *no words*

Review: Poison by Bridget Zinn, Young Adult Fantasy Novel

PJV Quickie: This was a love at first sight book. The cover is just fun. Potions, poisons and a pig? Had to have it. Then, upon reading the book, I was blown away by the story! Ah, sweet book reading bliss. POISON by Bridget Zinn was an exciting read, full of adventure, emotional ups and downs, rich story building and great characters. I couldn’t get enough.

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Title: Poison
Author: Bridget Zinn
Type: Young Adult Fantasy
Published: March 12th 2013 by Disney Hyperion
Source: Netgalley
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POISON is the story of teenage Kyra, potions master on the run. Kyra has a secret, a secret that has her trying to kill her former best friend and the future Queen. Unfortunately for Kyra, for the first time in her life as a potions master, her dart misses and Kyra must run and scramble to figure out her next move. She’s a fugitive. The most wanted person in the kingdom. All she has are her potions…until she seeks help and is given a pig (Yes! A cute person sniffing pig name Rosie) and the two of them come across a boy and his dog. Fred. Fred who she has to get away from so she can complete her mission, but really can’t stop thinking about…

Did I mention I really enjoyed this book? Kyra and Fred are fabulously rich characters. You can almost imagine the expressions on their faces as the dialogue plays out. The book was filled with fun scenes, they were witty and sometimes dark, a little zany and overall entertaining. The plot made sense, even at times when things seemed to go in circles – but everything came together in the end in a very intelligent, yet sweetly implemented construction. It just flowed nicely and the authors vivid detailing of her world made me feel a part of the novel. At times it did slow down, but it was only for a few short moments and then the book would pick up again. There were also a few coincidental moments that I thought were rather trite, but we are talking about a book aimed at young teens, so it wasn’t anything I would put too much stock into.

As, with most of Disney Hyperion books, I could see this as a made-for-television movie, staring Lucy Hale or Laura Marano, whomever is the it girl at the time. I would probably watch it…just not with my husband, to avoid the incessant mocking.


Mom approved! Safe for younger teens. Fans of fantasy and fun should really enjoy. If you like Princes and Princesses, with a little dark, a little wit and a lot of adventure, POISON is your cup of tea.

Personal Message:
It saddened me to find out that POISON will be the only book from author Bridget Zinn. The talented author passed away of cancer in 2011. No words.

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