PJV Quickie: While the twist on the story of Adam and Eve is great, what really made this story brilliant was Amalia Dillin’s ability to seamlessly combine the different stories, mythology, and religions into one. Even if you end up not being a fan of this book, you won’t be able to deny that Miss Dillin is a genius.

[frame align=”left”]Forged by Fate[/frame]
Title: Forged by Fate
Author: Amalia Dillin
Series: Fate of The Gods #1
Type: Science Fiction / Fantasy
Published:  March 5th 2013 by World Weaver Press
Source: Publisher
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The first thing I did after finishing this book was head over to Miss Dillin’s website to find out the release date for book 2 in this series. Unfortunately, we have a title but no set date, so the next best thing is to gush about this book to you all. I’ll just start off by saying that this story was absolutely amazing. It’s like nothing I’ve read before and I’m happy about that. I stepped outside my comfort zone and was rewarded for it. Actually, I’m not even sure if I can claim that I stepped outside of my comfort zone because I’m not sure what category this book falls into. How do you categorize something that has it all: fantasy, contemporary romance, historical romance, mythology, religion, etc.

Pursued by her brother, Adam, since the beginning of time, Eve has spent her entire (long) life avoiding and thwarting his advances, afraid of the repercussions. The one thing Eve has in her favor is that, while she can remember all of her previous lives, Adam has no memory of his. But, when Adam shows up on her doorstep centuries later with his memory intact, Eve must find a way to resist him or face the consequences.

This book actually goes back and forth between three different time frames: Creation, told from Eve’s point of view, Present, also told from Eve’s point of view (known as Abby in this life), and, finally, the era before Christ (B.C.) told from Thor’s, the Norse God, point of view.  The switch between the different time frames were irritating at times, but done very well. It’s hard to not get annoyed when the POV is changed just as a particular scene gets interesting, but I quickly realized that learning about the events during Eve’s creation and Thor’s point of view helped to understand Eve in the present. Firstly, you gain some insight to the role that Thor plays in the story and his love for Eve. Secondly, the author forces you to work out the different sides of Adam and his love for Eve.

It was a bit hard, at first, to wrap my head around the romance between Adam and Eve. While it is completely one sided (on Adam’s side), you get the feeling that it might not remain that way in future books. However, as the story progresses you begin to understand that, while Adam and Eve were created by the same person, the term brother and sister might not necessarily apply to them. Since they were not created in the “traditional” sense, they are (hopefully!) not bound by the same rules as we are. With that out of the way, I still had to deal with my feelings towards Adam because, bottom line, he’s crazy. So, of course knowing that, you might say, “Okay, case closed, Thor for the win!” But it’s really not that easy. While Adam is seriously messed up during Creation, you see a different side of him in the present. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a psycho, but it’s clear that he also has regrets and that he truly loves Eve.

But then there’s Thor: sweet, honorable, lovable Thor. Throughout the entire book I kept imagining Chris Hemsworth every time I read Thor’s name, which, as you know, can only lead to one thing–>a huge crush on book Thor. Of course, Chris Hemsworth wasn’t the only thing that did it for me. The purity of Thor’s love for Eve and the lengths that he went through, and would go through in the future, to protect Eve was enough to make a girl swoon. Add in the fact that their love was completely forbidden and you now have a swooning, heartsick girl. Witnessing the struggle Thor went through to stay away from Eve over the centuries truly made my heart ache for him and it made the story very real for me.

So yes, the trendy love triangle shows its ugly little head once again, and I’m stuck trying to pick a “team”. But, I have to admit, I really liked the love triangle between the trio. Which, if you know me, is quite a feat because I’m definitely anti-love triangle and have been for a while. But sometimes it can be done right and this book is a great example of it being done right. For one, the love triangle is not overbearing and in your face at every turn of a page. Also, there isn’t the pesky back and forth of which guy Eve will choose because these three never actually come into contact with each other at the same time.

Of course, like I mentioned above, there’s more to this story than just the romance. What really made this book for me was the overlapping of the many different mythologies and religions. There’s Christianity entwined with Greek mythology, entwined with Norse mythology, entwined with Hinduism, entwined with…well, you get the picture. Honestly, if I’d picked up this book without ever reading the bible or hearing the story I would be convinced that this was the true story of Adam and Eve. It’s amazing how well Miss Dillin combined all these things together to write a story that stands out from the rest. This book was a complete game changer for me. It made me realize that my rants and raves about trends are justified. I can and should expect more! So thank you, Miss Dillin, for showing me that with your impeccable writing.