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Review: Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes,
Young Adult Paranormal Novel

PJV Quickie: I do enjoy reading an original story, and Jennifer Lynn Barnes usually delivers. I became a fan of the author after reading Raised by Wolves and now that fangirl status is cemented after reading Nobody. Barnes showed off her creativity with this one, because Nobody was like nothing I’ve read before.

Title: Nobody
Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Narration: Allyson Ryan
Type: Young Adult, Paranormal
Published: January 8th 2013 by Simon Pulse
Source: Publisher
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Claire is completely ignored by everyone, even her own parents. Most people barely know she exists. She has gone through life without making a friend, or even impacting someone else’s life. Her yearbook is filled with “have a nice summer” and her past is filled with memories of being forgotten and alone. Claire, though, is determined to “have a nice summer” if she has to force herself on other people. But, fate has different plans for her, because the first person that ever looks at her, really looks at her, just happens to be pointing a gun at her.

Nix is what his name implies, Nobody. He is an assassin, the only thing he is good for is killing. No one notices him, he can sneak up on his prey and kill them without them even knowing he is there. He is Nobody. His latest assignment is just a girl, but she sees him. No one sees him. No one except Claire. Suddenly, Nix has something other then killing to focus on. But, the Institute that sent him to kill Claire has other plans. They want her dead…but they can’t seem to see her. Just like they can’t see him. Claire is Nobody? The Institute lied to Nix? What else did the Institute lie to Nix about?

Hold your breath and dig in. Nobody was a very intense ride from the very beginning. Only the first few pages are within the regular structures of society…and then off we go into the world of Nobodys, Nulls and Sensors. The idea of Barnes’ world that she created is that of energy. Everything gives off energy, some output energy, some take in energy, some can sense aberrations in energy. Normals give and take in a normal fashion, but some people are born different. Some give off high amounts of energy, but take back none. They are nulls. They are charming, you like them, they make you want to do things for them. Yet, they can not feel anything in return, sociopaths. You are only there to do their bidding. Nobodys are different. They can’t give off energy, no one can see them or feel them. If they try hard with a lot of effort people might notice them, barely, but they are quickly forgotten. It is a harsh life. Sensors are the people that can sense Nulls and Nobodys with one or more of their senses, they make up the majority of the Institute.

Sounds original, right? My thoughts exactly. I have never quite read anything like this before. Barnes delivered a spot-on creation that had me reeling from page one. One second Claire is scared for her life, the next moment she is elated because someone is actually looking at her and seeing her. It was a roller-coaster of emotions with Claire and Nix as the main characters. In one hand you pity these characters, they have such a terrible existence, but then you rejoice in them finding each other. It was quite a good interplay of emotion and characterization. I really enjoyed the story and the characters.

The story-line did implement aspects of insta-love though, which I’m not a big fan. Barnes had so much story to tell, so many action sequences that the coming together of the two characters seemed like a side-thought. They were literally the only people that could see each other and they happened to be around the same age. One of those coincidental plot mechanisms that I forgave in this book, but did pop me out of the story when it got too hoaky. Barnes had them involved in an “instant attraction”, they would come together and then push each other a part repeatedly, but because of it being just glanced over with more emphasis put on the background story, it didn’t feel as real as the other parts of the story. You know the characters are going to get together, they are the only people that see each other (obvious), yet their insecurities keep getting in the way. It just seemed to forced at times.

Besides that and a few other coincidental happenings throughout the story, I really enjoyed Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. The high-impact pace of the novel left me little time to focus on other things but the constant action. You don’t want to pass this one up if you are a fan of Young Adult Paranormal novels.


If you have read Jennifer Lynn Barnes other series, you should really enjoy Nobody. Fans of YA Paranormals should also enjoy, the romance aspect, action and paranormal elements are all indicative of the genre and should please genre lovers. If you’ve read and loved authors like Lisa McMann,  and  you should really enjoy. Recommended for more mature teens, 15+ because of heavier subjects and some violence. There is nothing objectionable, though. The maturity of the novel can also be enjoyed by adults.

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