Review: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, Young Adult Science Fiction

PJV Quickie: Rarely does a second novel outpace the first, but Scarlet by Marissa Meyer did just that, in spades. Cinder, the first book, was great, it was a fabulous addition to the Young Adult SciFi genre, but in Scarlet the series gained maturity and depth.

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Title: Scarlet
Author: Marissa Meyer
Narration: Rebecca Soler
Type: Young Adult Science Fiction
Published: Macmillan Young Listeners; Unabridged edition (February 5, 2013)
Source: Purchased

Review: Scarlet picks up right where Cinder left off. Cinder is sitting in a jail, her life is now in the hands of the Lunar Queen and the Emperor, Kai. The Queen has made it a point in demanding Cinder be placed in her custody on her return to the Moon. Cinder knows that she has to break out or she is as good as dead. Using her fabulous new lunar powers she teams up with the debonaire Carswell Thorne who just happens to have a starship. They flee the jail with very little resistance and make a break for it. Their only way out of Empire is to get to Thorne’s ship.

More characters are abound as we go to France and meet Scarlet Benoit, the main focus of the second Lunar Chronicle. Scarlet’s story is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. She is in search of her grandmother who has gone missing. In what seems like a coincidence, Scarlet meets Wolf, a street fighter that might just have a few secrets but maybe a way to track down her grandmother. Together the two of them get on a train to Paris, not realizing that they are a piece in a much larger puzzle. One that will lead them straight to Cinder and her new buddy and maybe the start of a war between Earth and Lunar.

Someone please stop me, because I’m about to gush. Every bit of this book was engrossing and led me to just one thought:

“I have to wait until 2014 for the next book!”

Especially since this book ended in a big WTFHIGO? moment. Well, I guess it wasn’t the very last moment, but there was a big romantic upset in this book – well really throughout the whole book. Kai!!! Kai?? Kai!!! Marissa Meyer ain’t playing, she’s not holding anyone’s hand, throwing bones or holding sacred any romance.

It was an insane romp that deviated so much from the first book that it could be a stand-alone. It also incorporated a whole new POV from Scarlet and Wolf’s perspective, which was different. Cinder and Kai’s perspective basically takes a backseat, even though I love them – Scarlet was absolutely kick-ass. I think she might need to keep her options open though, because Wolf-boy might need to get fixed before he can be trained to not embarrass her at parties by humping her leg or chewing on her neighbors. He was a tough guy, with a childish likeability – but the other male characters in this series like Kai and even Carswall were so much more  – well – refined.

But, puppy-training aside, the book rocked my world. A broad world in Cinder became so much more in Scarlet. Bring on the next one, Ms. Meyer, I am here to devour every word!


Recommended for fans of Young Adult Science Fiction, get it on and read it, but venture back to Cinder first because you don’t want to miss that either.

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