Romancing the Weekends: Author Q&A with Kristan Higgins

Yesterday I raved about Kristan Higgins’ new book, The Best Man.  Please join me today in welcoming one of my favorite authors, Kristan Higgins, as she answers a few questions:

1)Who would you cast as your main characters if your book was made into a movie?
Hmm. Jeremy Renner, maybe, as Levi, and Amy Adams as Faith?

2)How long did it take you to publish your first book?
It took a year and a half to write it, and another six months to get an agent, and maybe another six months after that to get a sale. It was fast, I later learned, though it felt like an eternity to me. But I came from an advertising background—I was a copywriter—so I think I had a leg up over, say, an electrical engineer or plastic surgeon who decided to write a novel. Whatever the case, I think the stars were in alignment, and I’ve been very lucky to have been writing ever since.

3)What were your favorite books as a child?
Anything by Dr. Seuss; The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein; Mandy by Julie Edwards (aka Julie Andrews); and The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken.

4)What’s one item that’s always in your refrigerator?
Wine and butter. My brother owns a lovely wine shop, so he keeps me stocked, and I’m half-Hungarian, which explains the butter.

5)Who is your favorite fictional heroine?
I’d say it’s a toss-up between Bridget Jones and Scarlett O’Hara. I feel like I am Bridget some days, always sticking my foot in my mouth or having some excruciatingly awkward physical moment (like the time when I was coloring my hair and my cat got out and I chased him in nothing more than a t-shirt, and the UPS man came up the driveway). Scarlett…well, Scarlett is so strong and single-minded, sometimes to her detriment, but she’s an amazingly strong character, and so memorable, even after all these years.


Here’s an excerpt from THE BEST MAN:

She’d attempted to date two other guys since moving to San Francisco. One didn’t believe in bathing—again, something she might’ve learned by stalking. The other stood her up. Hence the stakeout.


Faith sighed and rubbed her eyes. If this didn’t work out, Clint would be her last foray for a while, because she was getting worn out here. Late nights, the eye strain associated with binocular use, a stomachache from too much caffeine…It was tiring.


But Clint might be worth it. Straight, employed, no history of arrest, no DUIs, that rarest of species in S.F. Maybe this would make a cute story at their wedding. She could almost imagine Clint saying, ‘Little did I know that at that very minute, Faith was parked in front of my house, chugging Red Bull and bending the law…’


She’d met Clint on the job—she’d been hired to design a small public park in the Presidio; Clint owned a landscaping company. They’d worked together just fine; he was on time, and his people were fast and meticulous. Also, Clint had taken a shine to Blue, Faith’s Golden retriever, and what’s more appealing than a guy who gets down on his knees and lets your dog lick his face? Blue seemed to like him (but then again Blue tended to like any living creature, the type of dog who’d leg hump a serial killer). The park had been dedicated two weeks ago, and right after the ceremony, Clint had asked her out. She’d said yes, then gone home and begun her work.


Don’t miss Kristan Higgins on March 12 for a live chat:

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The Best ManTitle: The Best Man
Author: Kristan Higgins
Type: Romance
Published: February 26, 2013 by Harlequin HQN

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