dishing junk about books and book blogsWe all swoon over the Alpha Males. I did an online poll last night, Barrons, Bones, Valek, Peeta or Edward. If you are familiar with these books you know who falls within the Alphas of Alphas. Those won. Barrons (Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series) topped the vote by a landslide, Valek (Maria V. Snyder’s Poison Study) came in second, very nearly tied with Bones (Jeanienne Frost’s Night Huntress Series).

That gives you an Ancient Beast that kills indiscriminately, literally pisses on what he considers his property (can’t forget that happy time in the Silvers and the piss circles), makes ridiculously inappropriate sexual comments and is hotter than sin. Barrons met his lady love when she stumbles into his bookstore and he basically tells her she is going to die if she doesn’t go home. Next up is an Assassin, considered Enemy Number One to the country that border’s his own. Suspected child killer, known killer of the entire Royal family, in charge of executions and the spy network of Ixia. Valek meets the love of his life when he hauls her up in chains and offers her the noose or a food taster position. Then there is Bones, the English scoundrel and vampire. Bones was a prostitute and a criminal. He was actually changed to a vampire in Australia where he was serving his sentence. Bones has no problem killing, especially his own kind and if the price is right. Bones meets his wife when she tries to kill him and fails. He then drags her back to his cave and keeps her chained up until she agrees to work for him as a hired killer.

Nice guys right? So why do we love them? Is it that every girl wants to break a bad boy? Get them singing love songs and professing their undying love in public places? Growling over us maybe? Or is it only in fiction that we would like these men? If we had a real Alpha on our hands we would probably use words like: Stalker. Aggressive. Egotistical. Sex-crazed. Violent. Criminal. Wouldn’t we?

These are the traits that I think are a general requirement for fictional and real Alpha Males and if my husband (who I generally consider an Alpha, he is a Marine, even though they are not always synonymous) displayed these traits would I like them or not.

1. Self-Confidant
Yes. A man with self-confidence is great. Who wants a man that is saying things like “Does this make my ass look too big?”
2. Opinionated
Maybe. Depends on who he is voicing his opinion with. If he is always telling me what to do, because this is HOW he would do it, nope. Step off — I got this covered. I don’t mind a man with his own opinion though, just as long as it is similar to mine. (Isn’t that hypocritical?? Yup.)
3. Leader
Yes. Everyone should want to be proud of their man and a good leader is someone to be proud of, just as long as they know that when they step into the house, it is a co-leadership.
4. Decisive
Yes. Decision making is hard and when your man goes, “I don’t know what to do.” Respect flies out the door. I think this is a big one.
5. Fighter
Yes. A man that fights for what is his and owns it is a good thing. Now, there can be drawbacks. That man should also know when to use words and when to use fists. If your man is constantly using his fists, he might not be a fighter – he might just be a sadist.
6. Protector
Yes. Protection can also be pushed up there with fighter, but I think protection can come in many different ways. A man that protects his family and loved ones can do so by preparing them for the future and making sure no harm comes to them physically. You don’t have to stand over me with a gun, but if I feel safer when this man is around…a plus.
7. Beliefs
Yes. Have a belief system, morals, faith, whatever you want to call it. It does not have to be religious, it can simply be a moral code. But, it has to be a set of rules that govern his life and he stands behind them. A man that says he “is” a certain way and then contradicts himself by his actions or words is a huge turn-off and not an Alpha.
8. Admirable
Yes. People look up to your man, they look to him for leadership and association.
9. Sex God
Yes! God created this man just for you. Your bodies are completely compatible, everything he does is meant to give you the utmost pleasure. I don’t think I have to go into more detail. Where can I sign up?

Everything on this list are traits that I think a woman would want in her man. Am I wrong? So, basically fiction takes those traits and makes them larger then life and they spit out Heroes. Because, those traits all point to one word –> Hero

David Gandy As Jerricho Barrons, Alpah Males in FictionParanormal Romance does seem to take the Alpha Male and make him so much more, infusing them with characteristics that might not be the best “female attracting” characteristics. But, that is because on top of Alpha Males, we also love the tragic and redeemable love story. The unattainable male that suddenly looks more “human” when he experiences the emotion of love.

I also think, we LOVE them or HATE them, depending on our line. Because you know. Every woman has a line.

That line that is within our belief/moral system that says, “if it is crossed you are out of my bubble.” Alphas in fiction tread this line constantly. The line between, protector and possessive, the line between powerful and over-powering. We have limits and we even put those limits on our fictional heroes.

The most discussed Male Hero and toer of said line, in paranormal romance has to be of the sparkly variety, Edward Cullen. His antics as a protector towards his love interest, Bella, have gotten considerable negative feedback. While some view his aggressive stance to protect her as understandable considering she is always almost dying, others view his behavior as Stalking and Psychotic. He watches her while she sleeps, almost two months of this before she even realizes that he is there. If I found out a guy had been doing this to me I would go ballistic. That is clearly stalker behavior. I had an incident where a boy would sit in the parking lot across from my apartment every day and that was enough to have me filing a police report. If he was in my room? Hell and No. Edward dictates who she can spend time with. He delineates that in order to be with him she has to die and lose all contact with her mother and father. Not that he pushes that on her, but it is in the cards. He also follows her around, tells her what car she can drive. Sabotages her vehicle when she tries to break away from his controlling nature, threatens suicide when he thinks she might leave him. What would you do faced with a male like this, if put in this perspective?

Where is your line? Or do you even have one? In what books have Alpha Males beenΒ  waaay to much? Pushing that Edward Cullen psycho male behavior? Or do you think alpha’s like Edward Cullen are great?