Review: Try Me (Take a Chance #1) by Diane Alberts, Romance Novella

PJV Quickie: Sold by the cover, I went and immediately bought this one, I don’t even believe I read the synopsis. Materialistic aren’t I? The cover was hot, I assumed the writing would be just as sizzling. It didn’t disappoint, TRY ME by Diane Alberts was a fantastic and hot little romance novella that I’m glad I took a chance on. 😉

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Title: Try Me
Author: Diane Alberts
Series: Take a Chance #1
Type: Contemporary Romance Novella
Published: May 24th 2012 by Entangled Publishing (Ever After)
Source: Purchased
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A weekend of leave, leads to Sergeant Jeremy Addison walking down the desert highway, bruised, dehydrated and a bit bloody. As coincidence would have it, the person that pulls to the side, ready to aid a very needy stranger, turns out to be his ex-best friend’s baby sister, Erica. Erica also happens to be his high-school crush and the bane of his past regrets. They hadn’t seen each other in seven years, the last time they had crossed paths had been a series of very dramatic circumstances that led to Jeremy disappearing from Erica and her brother’s lives forever. Until today. Crossing paths like this must be fate, and Jeremy decides he is not going to let Erica go without a little convincing.

Sexy as hell, with a lot of drama and interaction, TRY ME by Diane Albert was a great short read. Only 65 pages, I was surprised by how much story was stuffed within the pages. Erica and Jeremy were very developed characters and their back-story really added to the quickness of the novella, instead of hindering it. The coincidental meeting, while unbelievable, was pretty well played out, I could imagine it all unfolding, just like most of life’s coincidences. I recommending giving TRY ME a look, you shouldn’t be disappointed, especially if you like sexy little novellas.

Escape for an hour or two with Diane Albert’s sexy little creation, you’ll fall in love with Sergeant Addison almost immediately.


Recommended for fans of military romances, sexy-time and romance. This is an adult read and for 18+. Fans of authors like Julie Ann Walker should enjoy.

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