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Welcome to the Giveaway Social on Parajunkee’s View.

Increase Your Giveaway Traffic with the Giveaway Social

Today we are linking up our Giveaways so we can earn more entries. Social networks are an integral way to get more exposure for your blog, so click away! The Social has been split into three. So look through to the other posts for Twitter & Facebook.

Giveaway Social Rules

  1. Please list your Giveaway as Item + Blog Name
  2. Leave a direct link to the giveaway
  3. Please do not leave multiple links of the same giveaway. If you do so, I will remove all of your links. This has been happening on numerous different occasions, if certain blogs continue to do this, your IP will baned from all PJV linky lists.
  4. Have fun entering Giveaways

Giveaway Social Linky List. Add Your Giveaway