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Welcome to the Facebook Social on Parajunkee’s View.

Increase Facebook Likes with the Facebook Social

Today we are linking up our Facebook Fan Pages so we can earn more likes. Social networks are an integral way to get more exposure for your blog, so click away! The Social has been split into three. So look through to the other posts for Twitter & Giveaways.

Facebook Social Rules

    • As a courtesy please follow & like your host — me Parajunkee!
    • When you follow or like someone @ them and let them know so they can follow back
    • Be nice about it! Don’t just send the same message over and over again!
    • As a courtesy if someone follows you be sure to follow back.
    • You can use the icon above for your Facebook fan page. This is a place people can comment and Like so you know to follow back.
    • Have fun!

********** Please Remember *********

  1. This is for Facebook FAN pages – not your friend account, like with your Friend account, but list your Fan pages!
  2. This is also not for your Blogs – if you want to add your blog – please join the #FF Hop. Click here to join the #FF hop.

Facebook Social Linky List. Add Your Facebook Fan Page