Dishing Junk: Drowning under Review Requests

Review request inundation. This is not exactly about the books, but the insanity that is my inbox & twitter stream now.

From tweets like this, which I consider SPAM:


Or just simple requests->

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 8.59.17 AM

To review request after review request. Something just exploded in January. I used to get maybe three a week, cold call emails. Authors I’ve never heard of, I would get maybe one weird request for “content exchange” maybe once a month. But, something happened in January. Now I’m getting ten a day on average.

inundatedI’m also getting 100 spam comments daily, average. I don’t know what I did, what list I got on…but viola – I’ve stepped foot first into inbox and twitter overload. And it is only getting worse day by day. The spam comments are one thing, but the emails are from authors and other bloggers. With legitimate requests. And I don’t know how to handle all of them in a congenial manner and then manage everything else on top of it.

Yet, this is just the icing. The reason I’m really writing this post, is sometimes I feel that the emails get a bit too pushy. Ever feel this way?

The repeats.

I cannot answer every email. If I did so I wouldn’t read, I would just field emails. How boring. So, if the email doesn’t catch my attention within the subject and the first few lines, I’m sorry to say it is just pushed into a “look later” folder and later — is waaay later.

The latest trend in pushy emails begins very quickly in the first line:

“I am writing to follow up on my previous communication with you regarding my request for your review of…”

Second email. There had been no communication.

Or maybe just three of the same exact email. Each sent within three minutes of each other.

Or emails that just want me to “share” some information with my readers, over and over again:

“Just wanted to follow up and see if you’d like to share…” (second email)

“I hope all is well. I just wanted to get back in touch with you. I had sent you an email before (3 emails) asking for you to review my book. And now I have a new cover. Would you be interested in reviewing my book?”

You would think after the second email wasn’t responded to they either had a bad email — or I wasn’t interested.

“ writing to follow up on my previous communication..”

“Checking on the last review request I sent…”

“Checking in on the review of [redacted] that you agreed to do…” (never agreed, they just sent the PDF)

Am I going to end up on some author list, like what that wonderful example of authorness, Carrol Bryant did? That is sarcasm…the guy is a fool*. But, really? I guess I’m feeling just an inkling of what agents have to go through everyday. I do not envy their jobs. I see some of their posts about how authors will attach them to “update” email lists…which they do to me.

Hint: Authors don’t put bloggers on your “Dear Friends, please help me sell my books by — 1) liking me on Amazon 2) Unhelpful clicks on all 1 star reviews…” email lists.

Do you guys get these sort of emails? How do you deal with them? The only thing I can do is hit delete. But, I’m scared that by getting in this mentality I’m going to be quicker to delete then accept. Or worse, respond with something very “not so nice” to an author that doesn’t really deserve it…because frankly they are only just trying desperately to get their books read…and they have no idea that they were the tenth person to send me that exact request…

Any advice?

*Carrol Bryant is an author of a few eBooks who thought it was a good idea to post a list of all the bloggers that had “done him wrong” and now he’s taken up on the STGRB hotmess train. His aim has moved from selling books to ousting what he believes to be bad reviewers.