1deathMy fave zombie book boyfriend. An Indies on PJV Pre-Valentine’s Day Special!!!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I just don’t do the zombie love interest. It’s just not something that interests me. I cannot disassociate myself from the rotting, decaying flesh long enough to picture ever kissing a zombie. Not to mention, they more than likely have a short shelf life, stink (did I already say that? ‘Cuz that’s a deal breaker right there.), and will probably try to eat your face and not in the erotic sense. Blech! No thank you. Needless to say I have zero interest seeing or reading Warm Bodies. I’ve heard mixed things about the book, but like I said. I don’t do the zombie love in that way. #nozombielovin’

Of course, there are always exceptions to any rule and I’d like to talk about mine. His name is Clyde. He’s a big, but kickin’ zombie! You can find him in Indie Author Tamara Rose Blodgett’s Death Series. We first meet Clyde in a cemetery. The MC of Tamara’s series Caleb Hart has an Affinity for the Dead. What does that mean, well kids, he’s a necromancer. He can raise dead things and make them do his bidding. If you’re a bit” touched” like me,well that sounds cool! I mean the kid raises dead rodents and makes them do his bidding. How fun!

Clyde is Caleb’s first zombie and remain his go-to throughout the rest of the series. What is so different about Clyde? Long story short, Clyde is alive in a very real way. Want to find out how? Read the book! He’s also loyal, trustworthy, a real swoon worthy guy(once he stops stinkin’) and has some of the best lines/scenes in this series.

   He laughed derisively and Bobbi felt Clyde tense as he said, his fists curling in readiness, “You have let your intellect stand testimony before your words and been found wanting.”
   “Huh?” Beefy asked, beating a rhythm with the stick against his open palm.
Bobbi rolled her eyes, clarifying. “He said you’re a dumbass.”
   “Roberta…” Clyde warned. She giggled behind him. He hated foul language from a woman.
   “I’m sorry, he brings out the worst in me.” pg. 24 Death Weeps
   “Noted, Dear-Heart,” Clyde said as Beefy gave a roar to defend the size of his inconsequential brain and rushed Clyde…
Check Clyde’s awesomeness and get drawn into this amazing Paranormal series.
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