Dishing Junk: Stereotypes in Fiction

Today’s dishing junk is a little more political then the usual topics. Let’s dish it out about book stereotypes.

Here are some of the stereotypes in fiction that drive me mad:

Souther Gothic

While I did enjoy the book Beautiful Creatures, I found the view of the towns people to be very stereotypical and judgmental. But, this fueled the plot.

1. Southerns are portrayed as racist, stupid and white trashesque
I’m a sucker for a Southern Gothic, but you can sometimes tell the Southern Gothic written by someone that has never lived in the South. They might have visited for a few weeks, loved the charm and decided to write about the South. But, they never really lived here and understood the mind set. This usually leaves them with very stereotypical Southern stereotypes peppered throughout their novels. Personally I find this distasteful. Yes, I know we tried to break away from the US because we wanted to keep slavery going. But, that was a long time ago…and last time I checked, those people that did that have been dead, for a considerable amount of time. And judging Southerners as racist — isn’t that rather racist in itself? Then to compound that with showing the majority as dumb, inscestual and succumbing to things like beastiality – makes things so much more screwed up.

Grrr...I do shoot people...but don't label my whole party! *that was lame, I know*

Grrr…I do shoot people…but don’t label my whole party! *that was lame, I know*

2. Evil Politicians always portrayed as Republicans
If there is an evil, old white, politician guy, he is going to be a Republican. I’m an equal opportunity judge of politicians, I believe they are ALL corrupt and feel that their portrayal as evil should be spread around to both parties. There are just as many crusty old white guys that have evil intentions in the Democrat party as the Republican party. Am I wrong? Can we at least have an evil Latino Independent?? Shake things up a bit.

3. The Gay Sidekick
“That’s Damian, he’s almost too gay to function.” The gay, maybe overweight, side-kick tends to be the comic relief of a lot of young adult books. He is the one that provides great gay “quips” and fun over-the top sayings…because every gay teenager goes around saying things like, “Fabulous!” and “You go girl.” This character is actually one of the “stock” characters that authors will pull from; The dumb jock, vain blonde, virginal Christian hater…those type of characters. But, I guess the gay sidekick is the one that is the most aggravating to me. Like we can only accept this sort of character unless they are entertaining us with their hilarity.

What stereotypes in fiction stand out to you?

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