Book Blogging 101: Six Ways You Can Ruin Your Blogging Career

Over the few years that I have been blogging there has been a handful of scandals which usually led to the blog in question disappearing or having to “reinvent” themselves. Plagiarism of course is the biggest one we’ve been faced with in the recents months — but there are a few more things out there that can ruin a blogger’s career. Here are six examples that I’ve personally witnessed. You decide. Do you think stuff like this can ruin a blogger’s career?

One. Plagiarism

Want to get shunned faster then you can say, “Copy & Paste”? Well, take someone else’s work and then see how that plays out. This is considered a “common” mistake in the blogging world, but personally I think there is nothing common about it. Theft is wrong and plagiarism is not easily forgivable. If you don’t have a cemented presence in the blogging world you can kiss your blog goodbye. I think a lot of people realize this, but in the end don’t believe that they will ever get discovered, or that they the General Population will Forgive and Forget. Majority opinion does not sit well with plagiarizers though.

Two. Selfishness and Jealousy

It is all about me, me, me!!!!!!! Tweet nothing but your stuff. Post personal pieces about this and that, but always about how it revolves around you. Complain about things that are directly impacting you, a lot. Your jealous and selfish behavior is showing big time and it can ruin your blog. It can ruin your blog when you start trying to “one up” everyone around you. When you start crediting everything as “just yours.” Other bloggers will start pulling away from you and distancing themselves, especially when the jealousy leads to erratic behavior. Which it does

Three. Greed

There are two types of greed in the blogging world: greed for money and greed for products. Some, bloggers are on a quest to “Get Rich Quick” and slap Adsense banners all over their blogs and offer “services” for their target niche. Some have even tried to charge for their reviews. If your primary focus is to make money, you are wasting your time. In blogging your primary focus should be to deliver quality content to your readers. Any money you make should be a “added benefit.” Those bloggers that started charging for reviews, or this and that service…or have affiliate links ALL over the place just don’t make it very long. Especially when they realize, how hard blogging is in comparison to how much money you make.

Four. Stupid Is…

“The Internet is Forever” is like the warning of choice for this day and age. One stupid mistake can follow you forever! All you have to do is ONE thing. Get drunk and tweet something offensive. Do a vlog where you appear high on a day known for “drug use” {This happened at the start of my blogging career, it was a YA blogger, who was underage. The negative feedback she got was terrible.}. Speak out negatively about someone without any proof…the list goes on and on. But, stupidity tolerance is very low in the blogging community and sometimes doing something that offends the majority will have you “privatizing” your blog quicker then you can say “I’m sorry, that was stupid.”

Five. Faking It

The bloggers that claim they read ten books a week, have a review everyday, on top of a “real” job and five kids…sometimes it is hard to believe what they are posting is for real. Can they really write that many reviews? Can they really read that many books? Some can, I’ll give them that. Oh Yee Super Women! But, some are faking it. They are basing their reviews off of other people’s reviews. Saying they read these books, but really only reading maybe the first chapter, or none at all. These are usually the hardest to spot. They don’t plagiarize the reviews, they just go and read what other people say about the books and then form their own opinions based on reviews not the actual book. The only way you can usually tell if a blogger is faking it — their reviews are shallow, they don’t go into details about the actual story. They don’t mention that many facts about the plot or turn of events and if they do, sometimes those facts are incorrect. It is a hard gamble to spot. But, I know of least on blogger that has confessed to doing this (no longer an active bloggers), so there is probably more out there.

Six. Fraudulent

Wow! This blogger gives away a Kindle Fire every month! Holy cow, they must be rich! Nope. Who won those giveaways? Does anyone know? Is their any proof that these giveaways are actually real? I usually suspect those crazy tech sites that give away iPads all the time — this must be fake, right? But, we never suspect our fellow bloggers, that have a personal face behind the blog. Double standards, but it happens.

What other things do you believe can ruin a bloggers career?

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Reader Question of the Week:

“With all the plagarism going around lately…..I was wondering how does one check to see if that is happening? I am completely clueless when it comes to this. Thanks!” – Danielle

Danielle, there are a few sites I can recommend that check it for you. One of those is Copyscape. But, to be effective you have to put the URL of each of your blog posts into it. This sometimes has less then desirable effects, so I always recommend just utilizing Google. Grab a key phrase or sentence that is completely unique to your review and search it within quotes. See what results turn up. Good luck!

Book Blogging News:

Authors Behaving Badly. Again! Author Mike Kearby won’t let things go! Book Blogger Lizzy Lessard was updating her blog and decided to list her DNFs. One of which was by author Mike Kearby. She has his book for review via a Blog Tour she participated in.  On Kearby took offense to a statement that Lizzy included in her review. Lizzy had no problem removing the statement and was actually very conciliatory to the irate author. Did it end the conflict? Nope. Kearby went on to comment on the review over and over again. Insultingly of course. Then he posted about it! Three times. Oh yeah, he tweeted too. Just kept at it. Lizzy after the third post had had enough. She retaliated in a post. But, Kearby is of course, still at it. Good luck Lizzy, we hope someone can talk some sense into this author. Source.

Book to Movies! They have begun casting for the Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters (2013), the movie based off Richelle Mead’s popular Young Adult series! Firstly, Mark Waters (Mean Girls) will direct and then the three leads will be held by Lucy Fry (H2O) will play Lissa, Danila Kozlovsky (Raspoutine) is Dimitri and Zoey Deutch (Beautiful Creatures) as Rose. Source.

Blogger Confessionals: Megan of Book Brats did something that we don’t see all the time, she was ridiculously honest about Jealousy. I cited erratic behavior in my number two article above…and she talks about in her piece, what Jealousy made her do. I thought it took a lot of courage to lay things out like she did. She also talks about how she combatted these feelings.  It is something good to read, she isn’t alone with these issues. Everyone get jealous now and again. Source.

Shameless promotion: In a joint effort with Zombie Queen, The Bookish Brunette, Parajunkee’s View will host a completely social media Book Blogger Conference. Anyone can attend, free admittance and even an awards ceremony. The Con will be hosted the first week of April at a Twitter Hashtag near you. Search #BBTC for more details.  Source.

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Happy Thursday. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity.

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