April 1 through April 7

The first Twitter Based Book Blogger Conference

Let me tell you about a little event that Ashley of The Bookish Brunette and I have come up with.

We know that a lot of you would love to attend a Book Blogger Conference, but if you are like me, you don’t have the money for travel or the time to take off to pursue something that most of our families thinks of as “that hobby.” Β So…what was the brainstorm? A Twitter Conference. On twitter.

Seven days of Great Book Topics and Awesome Twitter Discussions

The #BBTC will run the first week of April. Our panels are tentative and we are open for suggestions. We also will need help. A lot of help. We’ll need moderators and panelist. Bloggers willing to let their opinion be heard about the subjects we are talking about. Bloggers that want to help other bloggers in the spirit of community and also, maybe, reach a bigger audience then they normally would. Check out the panel list here.

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 8.39.27 PMA Book Blogger Awards Program

During the week of the #BBTC we will also be hosting a blogger awards program. Because, at the end of these cons, they usually give out awards right? This one will be a little more silly and a little more fun then the usual awards. We have some real recognition planned for some great bloggers, but we also want you guys to chime in and tell us who are your favorite bloggers and authors! The nomination process starts now. Finalist will be announced in March. Winners announced during the #BBTC.

The top award is what we are deeming “Twitter Queen” or “Twitter King”. You’ll get a virtual tiara or crown if you win!

Daily Giveaways

We also hope to have tons of great giveaways during the festivities. Because we go to these cons for the books, right? We are currently pandering for sponsors, so if you are an author, interested in getting your name out there to our attendees, we’ll be happy to accommodate.

For more information, check out the #BBTC portal on this site. Under Events. Or click here. Look at the sidebars for buttons that will take you to all necessary forms.

Thanks guys! Let’s make this awesome.