Review: Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher, Science Fiction Romance Novel

PJV Quickie: Of all the books I read in 2012, GHOST PLANET was probably the biggest surprise. I don’t expect to feel warm and fuzzy about Science Fiction, but this one left me emotionally charged after reading.

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Title: Ghost Planet
Author: Sharon Lynn Fisher
Series: Stand Alone
Type: Science Fiction Romance
Published: October 30th 2012 by Tor Science Fiction
Source: Publisher
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Elizabeth Cole was running from her life when she accepted a position on a new world. She thought it would be a fantastic start on a new and exciting planet. A planet that has an odd side-effect to living there, in which her psychologist brain wants to study. Each colonist that lands on Ardagh 1 gets an alien companion. These companions look and believe they are the person’s dead loved ones. Widows/widowers are reunited with their dead spouse, mother’s with passed daughters, or with long-dead aunts that they never really knew.

Studies of the phenomenon have prompted psychologists to enact Ghost Protocol, which forbids colonist from interacting with their “ghosts.” This both frightens and excites Elizabeth. Until, she finds out that her transport crashed and she, herself is now a “ghost”, and is attached to a man that was going to be her boss, Murphy. A man that on realizing that she is a ghost, ignores her. Now Elizabeth is alone, ignored and forced to survive in a world where she isn’t even acknowledged as existing.

GHOST PLANET was a very deep novel, ripe with a rich plot, angst and psychological interplay. The characters were warm and full-bodied, their back-stories integral to the plot. There was a lot of story packed within this standard novel. There was no bloated scenes, Fisher wrote with calm intensity and intelligence, she relayed the story and didn’t embellish unless it was needed. The plot goes from internal to broad and then back again, everything locking together nicely to have a worthwhile ending. And wait for it — this book was a stand-alone. It went from A to Z with all loose ends nicely tide up. I think Ms. Sharon Lynn Fisher has a new fan here. I can’t wait to read her next bit of awesome, which I’ve read is a Post-apocalyptic Biopunk Romance… bring it on.

While I wouldn’t classify this as a Romance, it does play an integral part in the story. The whole book revolves around relationships, both good and bad, being human and how we respond to different. It also centers on humans interaction with the planet they call home and corporations profiteering off of exploitation. I would classify this book as a very tame science fiction novel. There are no space opera tendencies and the language  while intelligent is not full of technical terms and jargon that will have you looking-up every couple of minutes. Overall, not a book you want to pass up. Friends of mine that don’t normally enjoy science fiction have raved about this particular novel.


This is a great scifi transition novel for fans of Romance that want to broaden their scope. Adults only please, there is a bit of sexual interaction but nothing graphic. Fans of Ann Aguirre and Gena Showalter’s scifi series should enjoy.

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