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Dishing Junk is a  feature on the PJV where we dish it out! The girls and I have realized that we need a place to sort of vent our book & book blogger troubles. It might be something small and inconsequential that we thought was inappropriate to mention in a review – or it might be a genre-wide gush. This is going to be where we dish it out.

Judging a book by its cover.

Authors might not want to believe it, but




By Their





Yes! I do it. I judge a book by its cover. The fact that I look at an author’s cover and start to dry heave a little bit is not going to

tempt me to buy the book.

My logical interpretation of funky book covers usually goes back to a business analogy.

When I hire for a position at my company I do interviews. No matter how good that person’s references and experience is, if they come to the job interview dressed like a character from Star War or a total slob I’m not going to hire them…

Compare that to a book cover. I look at this cover and it looks like your ten year old drew it, why would I buy it? Even if you offer it for free, if the cover is shoddy, the writing will probably be shoddy…or at least that is how I view it. Call me wrong or a cover snob, but that is how I feel.

Here are some covers that inspired WTF moments…do you feel the same way?

Destined by Brenda K.

The low resolution on this cover adds to the charm. So while it looks like a bad drawing, the low resolution makes me believe that it also might be a “Found it on the Internet” type of book cover.

Fire Twins

I do believe that is marijuana filling up that car. If that doesn’t tempt you, maybe the awesome gradient in the background — or that fabulous lime green to teal blue outer glow around the car. Maybe that cool 3D text?? No, not tempted yet?

Onslaught by David Kearns

Is that really a human skull, with teeth missing and fake eyes pasted over the top of it? Really?

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Do you judge books by their cover?