Audiobook Review: Crash by Lisa McMann, Young Adult Paranormal Novel

PJV Quickie: Lisa McMann is such a talented author, I’ve never read an author quite like her before. None of her books have similar themes or styles. Other authors you’ll pick up a book from a different series and be able to pinpoint their “tells”, not Lis McMann it is like reading a new author each time, it is very refreshing.

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Title: Crash
Author: Lisa McMann
Narration: Allyson Ryan
Type: Young Adult, Paranormal
Published: January 8th 2013 by Simon Pulse
Source: Publisher
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Jules Demarco, is a teenager to be pitied. Her parents own an Italian restaurant where they have her working night and day with very little rewards. Her mother even makes the kids take the restaurant’s truck to work, “for advertising” — the other students won’t be able to miss the two huge meatballs on the top! Then there is her father, who is a barely functioning hoarder. Their apartment, above the restaurant, is overflowing with their father’s crazy. Then to make matter’s worse Jules is in love with a boy she can’t even speak to without her family going ballistic. The son of their competition, an Angotti. Then there is the piece de resistance, Jules recent trouble with her own flavor of crazy. She’s been seeing visions. Well one vision, over and over again. A crash, an explosion and nine body bags in the snow. In one of those body bags lay Sawyer Angotti. Now it is a fight to put a stop to this crash, not reveal her crazy vision and get locked up in an institution and also connect with Sawyer without her family learning about it and freaking out.

CRASH was a wild ride, full of family secrets, forbidden love and teenage angst. Jules voice throughout the novel was a wonderful blend of light and dark, she was smart, sarcastic and her love of her siblings was refreshing. The anxiety also continued throughout the whole story, keeping me engrossed. McMann is a great author and I highly recommend her books if you haven’t read them before. Her books are just refreshing and she has a realistic way of tapping into the teenage brain.

The  thing that didn’t sit well with me was the parents though, the father was terrible. His past choices, his current hoarding and then his popping back into reality just to chastise his daughter made my stomach churn. The fact that Jules still continued to obey her father even though she shouldn’t respect him was an aggravation to me and the fact that the mother was even still with the man and putting her children through this drove me crazy.

What I did notice about this book was there was an underlying star-crossed-lovers themed which kept ringing my “hasn’t this been done before” bell. I do believe it was because of some made for tv movie that I don’t believe I actually watched…just read the synopsis on Netflix a lot. Pizza My Heart, a modern Romeo & Juliet interpretation where the families are two rival pizza restaurants. I can’t go into any details or similarities, just that CRASH had a Romeo & Juliet feel — and it was pizza restaurants/families. That was my only negative regarding the book and I know, I’m stretching. But, I like to relate the thoughts that go through my head and I was seriously tempted to watch that movie just to see…but I didn’t. I’m stopping now!

The audiobook narrator was Allyson Ryan and her voice captured Jule’s persona perfectly. I highly recommend CRASH in audiobook format, it’s a short but anxiety filled, smart ride, you won’t be displeased. The story is engrossing enough to keep you focused, yet not too complex that you’ll feel that you can’t stop and start.

I also highly recommend Lisa McMann’s other books, besides CRASH. If you haven’t read her before…get on that.

Recommendations: Recommended for Young Adult fans, the paranormal element is not that overpowering so this might be a great transition book for readers looking to get into the Young Adult Paranormal genre…without delving into vampires. The novel is also very innocent, even though their are deep themes of death and psychological disorders. I would recommend this for 13+ teens. Adults will also enjoy because Jules voice speaks to all of us at any age. If you enjoyed McMann’s WAKE series, you’ll love CRASH, even though it isn’t as dark.

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