[frame align=”left”]Dishing the Junk, being honest about the books we read[/frame]Dishing Junk is a new feature that we will be starting on the PJV. The girls and I have realized that we need a place to vent our book & book blogger troubles. It might be something small and inconsequential that we thought was inappropriate to mention in a review – or it might be a genre-wide gush. This is going to be where we dish it out. You are more then welcome to join in on the discussion.

Do you really expect me to believe that?

Hey y’all – Patti here!  Many of you know me from my “Romancing the Weekends” feature, and my dish this week is kind of romance related…sort of.   Well, it’s got an erotic twist:  Suspension of Disbelief.  Let me explain:  I read and love all kinds of romance, including werewolves, vampires, dystopia, even some science fiction.  I can get into the stories, lust after enjoy reading about the hot alpha shapeshifters in a paranormal romance, and even believe that under-30-year-old self-made millionaire in a sexy erotic novel.  What I can’t get behind is… sex clubs.

Let’s talk about sex, baby…

I love a good, sexy read.  The sexier the better, really.  As a matter of fact, as a general rule I won’t read a book unless it’s got romance, or the potential for romance in future books.  I need my HEA, y’all!  Needless to say, I love a good erotic romance too.  The set-up for these sexy books can vary, but if the plot involves the characters going to a sex club, that blows it (heh) for me.

I think it’s because as far as paranormal books go, you can write off most of the niggles with “it’s magic”.  Is magic real? No. But I think most of us wish sometimes that it was, so it’s easier to immerse yourself in a world that might be real if magic was real.

But sex clubs?  I start thinking about things like, who do you get to design a sex club? Where do you buy the furniture? And does housekeeping wear hazmat suits to clean up at the end of the night?

I’d imagine a phone call like this:

~Hello, I’m looking for someone to design our sex club.

~You’re looking for someone to design your health club? Well, you’ve come to the right place sir!

~No, not health club. Sex club.

~What’s that? You want it to have hot tubs?

~No. Not hot tubs.  Well, yes hot tubs. But for a SEX club.

~  …

40+296 Hello?

Um. Hello, what?

So, even though sex clubs actually do exist, and vamps, shifters and fae are imaginary, if I’m reading a book where there’s a sex club, I just roll my eyes and think, “Riiiiggghhhttt, like that’s going to happen in real-life.

What makes you roll your eyes when you’re reading? Paranormals? Love at first sight? Convenient millionaires?