Romancing the Weekends: Yours at Midnight by Robin Bielman


PJV Quickie: Short and sweet, Yours at Midnight packs a lot of emotion into its pages.  While I liked both of the main characters, I had problems with the heroine’s actions that ultimately I could not get past.


Yours at MidnightTitle: Yours at Midnight
Author: Robin Bielman
Type: Contemporary Romance
Published:December 18, 2012 by Entangled Publishing (Ever After)
Source: Publisher

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(***Slightly Spoilery Review***)

Lyric Whetstone grew up next-door to Quinn and Oliver Sobel.  She spent most of her teenage years crushing on Oliver, while Quinn was kind of a jerk to her.  Four years ago, Oliver died in a car crash, and Lyric and Quinn expressed their shared grief in the form of a one-night stand.  Then Quinn left for New York without a word and hasn’t contacted her since… until now:  Quinn is back and he wants to make amends for the way he treated Lyric, but is she ready, or able, to forgive and forget?  And perhaps Quinn isn’t the only one needing forgiveness?


I have mixed feelings about this book but overall I enjoyed it.  Lyric is (mostly) a likable heroine – she runs a home-health agency and her determination to make it a success is admirable.  When she unexpectedly runs into Quinn at his parent’s home next door to hers, she’s shocked and a bit distressed.  While she can’t forget the mind-blowing sex they had four years ago, there is another reminder of their night together, and Quinn is completely unaware.  This is where I had a tough time liking Lyric: not only didn’t she let Quinn know, neither did Quinn’s parents – WHO LIVE RIGHT NEXT DOOR.  This is, to me, a horrible, horrible thing that I could not get past.  Why would she deny Quinn or his parents this knowledge?

Quinn is a wonderful tortured hero – he feels responsible for his brother’s death and has carried around the guilt for four years.  He’s come back home to try to make things right with Lyric and let her know how he really feels about her.   I liked the way the author showed through memories Quinn and Lyrics’ past and why Quinn was so mean to her when they were younger; the complicated feelings involved between Lyric and Oliver/Quinn and Oliver/Lyric and Quinn were touching and realistic.

I’m usually hesitant to read shorter stories because I feel like things are rushed to move the story along, but this was not the case in Yours at Midnight.  The pacing was good and Ms. Bielman manages to make this feel like a big story in a small package.  I’m looking forward to reading more by this new-to-me author.



Fans of Contemporary Romance, especially fans of friends/enemies-to-lovers.

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