PJV Quickie: I had so much fun reading Neanderthal Seeks Human – Janie is so full of self-doubt and awkward and I totally identified with her character.  I spent a good portion of the book racing ahead to see what happens next, then forcing myself to go back and actually read the page – for me, that’s a sure sign of a great read.

Review:  Janie Morris is a number cruncher/architect who works at an unfulfilling accounting job.  She discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her and then loses her job on the same day.  To make things worse, security walks her out of the building – specifically, Handsome McHotpants, the hunky security guard she’s been drooling over for the past month.  Worst. Day. Ever. Quinn Sullivan is in the security business, and the sexy redhead in his building has his full attention.  After escorting her from the building on the day she was fired, he discovers her personality is just as enticing as her looks are and he wants to get to know her better. They keep running into each other and as the attraction grows, Quinn knows there are things he needs to tell Janie, but he knows it may drive Janie away, and he’s grown to love her geeky, quirky personality and doesn’t want to lose her, especially not to the jerkface ex-boyfriend who won’t stop sniffing around her.


You know it’s going to be an unusual book when the opening scene takes place in the bathroom with the heroine losing her mind as she realizes there’s no toilet paper.  And yes, Neanderthal Seeks Human is unusual… in a good way. A very good way.

Janie is so geeky and when she gets nervous spouts off random facts and it’s fun ‘watching’ her brain go from what seems like random subject to random subject like a pinball machine.  Her social quirks are embraced by her knitting group and I love the support these ladies give each other: they’re so much fun and their love for Janie shines through.  Her total ignorance of Quinn’s feelings for her may annoy some readers, but as you read along and get to see how people treated her when she was young (especially by her family) you understand why she’s like this and I totally identified with this aspect of her personality.  Her reaction to Quinn’s “dating” style was hysterical.  Quinn is your typical smoldering, sexy hero, but his reactions to Janie totally endeared him to me.  I like a hunky, possessive hero so he worked for me.  But really, it was Janie who carried this book and I absolutely loved her for it.

I have a generally serious personality and no one would ever describe me as “funny” (I am a horrible joke teller), so I don’t think I can effectively convey how absolutely laugh-out-loud funny Neanderthal Seeks Human is.  Oh, and about that title; it’s totally not what you think and just one more reason I adored Janie’s character.  Read it and find out for yourself why 🙂  Neanderthal Seeks Human made my ‘Best of 2013 Reads‘ list.  As soon as I finished this book, I immediately went to the second book, Friends Without Benefits (Elizabeth’s story) and loved it.  I am now obsessively waiting for the 3rd book, Love Hacked, and judging by the preview scene in Ms. Reid’s newsletter it’s going to be worth the wait.

Recommendations: Fans of fun Contemporary Romance, nerdy heroines, and stories with supportive women friends instead of backstabbing b!itches will enjoy Neanderthal Seeks Human.

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