Review: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

PJV Quickie: While I knew I had to read this book because of all the good reviews, I have to admit that it just sat there on my TBR  forever. Personally I actually blame the book trailer for the second book, Onxy, for the lack of enthusiasm on my part. It was a lot of kissing and I thought “this looks like a young adult porno” I think I might have even tweeted that. But, frankly, I should not have judged a series by it’s second book trailer, because these books are far from what was portrayed by the trailer and all the “hot” comments I read on twitter and   [frame align=”left”]Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout Young Adult Paranormal[/frame]

Title: Obsidian
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series: Lux, Book 1
Type: Young Adult, Paranormal
Published: May 8th 2012 by Entangled Teen
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Review: The first thing I loved about this book was the main character Katy. Katy is a book blogger! So relating points right there. Her mother moves her to West Virginia to escape memories of her father who passed away from Cancer a few years back. Her mom needed a change, so right before Katy’s senior year they move to a very small town in the back-water country of boring. Things are looking up though, as Katy spots her neighbor who is show-stopping gorgeous, so gorgeous that he leaves her semi-stupid and kind of mute. Then he has to ruin it by talking, showing off his inner-jerk and turning Katy from a drooling idiot to spitting-mad. Luckily his sister is much nicer and seems very interested in befriending Katy…just her brother Daemon seems dead set against it. It’s probably because they are hiding a secret and they don’t want Katy to find out. She does though…right as she is running straight into the path of a huge truck…trying to avoid Daemon. And he stops time and lights up like a light bulb. Katy didn’t expect that. Seems her neighbors who were too good looking-to-be-real are aliens.

I could not get enough of this book! It was fun with crazy teenager behavior, like dumping plates of food on rude rival teens (my favorite scene). It also had that great teenage angst that I adore in my young adult novels. Then pair it with the alien paranormal element and I was smitten. Daemon and Katy were fabulously crafted characters. Armentrout wrote them like they were real. Her back-story is interesting but not over-blown, her characters are robust but not overly-described. The dialogue in the book was witty, laugh-out-loud at parts, swoon at others. The tension between Katy and Daemon was very very intense. Few times have I read this sort of male/female interplay in a young adult novel. Usually tension like this is enhanced with more sexual interactions, but Armentrout managed to create this tension and still retain her PG-13 rating and only that high because of some of the language the group engages in. Quotes like this — funny but mature.
“So the dickhead had a name. Daemon—seemed fitting. And of course his sister would be as attractive as him. Why not? Welcome to West Virginia, the land of lost models.”
Glowing Alien, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult Paranormal NovelI could not read this though without a lot of comparisons to other books and a certain movie. The movie being a  Ron Howard scifi drama called COCOON, in which aliens come to Earth to find their brethren that are housed in cocoons. The cocoons are placed in a pool for storage and a group of seniors find them and discover that swimming in the pool energizes them much like a fountain of youth. The aliens when seen without their “skins” are glowing beings of light. Which in-turn leads to a very interesting sex scene where one of the aliens de-skins her self and has glowy sex with the main character. It had me wondering if Daemon will glow when…well, you know…they do fry computers. So, when Katy described Daemon as a being of light the first thing I thought of was…Kitty (another comparison). The glowing alien from Cocoon. Hopefully Daemon looks a little hotter then Kitty.
Then, with the extreme tension between the “couple” and the fact that Daemon calls Katy, Kitten, I also thought the book was very similar in “feel” to the Cat and Bones series (which is one of my all time favorites) by . This for me was a good thing. I love those books and the first few had very similar tension, love/hate feelings, like OBSIDIAN. Gotta love these love/hate relationships!

Overall, Jennifer L. Armentrout has a new fan in this reader, and Parajunkee’s View has a new favorite series. I shouldn’t have waited this long to read — but it did technically work out since OPAL, the third book was just released so I got to read them back to back (gotta love that!). This is a don’t pass up series!

Recommendations: Recommended for fans of Paranormal Romance and high tension love affairs. You do not have to be a Young Adult to read these novels. I would recommend them actually for an older audience since there is a bit of language and the book does get a little more “adult” as the series goes on. Yet, nothing that I see unfit for older teens. I do believe if you are a fan of books that start out as Urban Fantasy type novels and lead to psuedo paranormal romance novels, you’ll love this one. Fans of the Night Huntress series might get a kick out of the Lux series.

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