PJV Quickie: Uniquely penned, RAISED BY WOLVES, takes the werewolf myth and turns it upside down. I highly enjoyed the novel and the narration by Eileen Stevens, this is an audiobook that I recommend if you are a fan of the Young Adult Paranormal Romance genre. [frame align=”left”]Urban Fantasy[/frame]

Title: Raised by Wolves
Series: Raised by Wolves #1
Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Type: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Published: June 8th 2010 by EgmontUSA
Source: Audible.com
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Review: Bryn is the member of a werewolf pack, adopted by the Alpha when her parents were killed in front of her by a rogue wolf. The problem is, she isn’t a wolf. She sometimes acts like one, but she can’t change and being one of only a few humans within the pack makes her an outsider. That doesn’t stop her from being her own person though and she enjoys pushing buttons – but only so far, because she does respect her place in the pack hierarchy. That is, until she discovers a boy locked in a cage in her Alpha’s basement. A new wolf. A teen boy. Something that doesn’t happen. People can’t just become wolves, can they?

A mystery unravels before Bryn, along with her connection with the new wolf, Chase and within that mystery along with the world Barnes created I found myself entertained and sucked into the story. The book is full of fun werewolf pack dynamics, brooding Alphas and a very dastardly antagonist that was spine-chillingly evil! It was a  fun listen and I’m glad I took this Audible.com recommendation.

There were some plot twists that I thought were there just to increase tension and seemed forced, so this wasn’t the perfect read, but other then that I found a new series to fangirl on.

Narration was well done Eileen Stevens, it was very teen girl and sometimes did stumble over the Alpha male voices, but once I fell into it , I hardly noticed.

Recommendations: Recommended for Young Adult paranormal fans. If you enjoy the werewolf aspect, you’ll love this novel. Fans of Andrea Cremer, Bree Despain, Maggie Stiefvater should really enjoy.

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