PJV Quickie: Another fabulous historical romance from Maya Banks!  A sweet, sweet romance and a heroine with a secret create a wonderful Scottish Historical that I didn’t want to put down.  I can’t wait for the next book!

Title: Never Seduce A Scot (The Montgomerys and Armstrongs, Book 1)
Author: Maya Banks
Type: Historical Romance
Published: September 25, 2012 by Random House
Source: Personal Copy
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The Armstrong and Montgomery clans have been enemies for generations.  In an attempt to prevent more bloodshed, the King decides to join the two clans through marriage – Evaline Armstrong, the only daughter of Laird Armstrong, is to be married to Laird Montgomery.  No one is happy, not the Armstrongs nor the Montgomerys, but no one dares defy the king.

Evaline Armstrong  has been cared for by her family since her riding accident three years ago.  The accident left her deaf, although she has allowed her family to believe she’s just daft, and her family is afraid the Montgomery laird will not take proper care of her.   Although she can hear some deep sounds, she hasn’t spoken a word since the accident.  When Graeme arrives at the castle, she’s thrilled to find that she can hear the rumbling of his voice and runs to him, enchanted by the sound.

Graeme Montgomery is Laird of his clan since his father was killed by Laird Armstrong in battle. He’s angry that the King is making him marry the addled daughter of the man who killed his father.  But, he must obey the dictate of his King and goes to the Armstrong holding to claim his bride.  He’s already decided that he’ll accept his fate and not bed this poor simpleton, but he’ll not break his marriage vows either.  What he doesn’t expect is the beautiful young woman who runs to him when he arrives.

When they arrive at the Montgomery holding, things do not go smoothly – no one wants an Armstrong there, and they’re angry their Laird got stuck with this ‘touched’ bride.  Evaline is afraid to spill her secret, and the Montgomery’s do not welcome her with open arms but she is determined to make a place in her new home and to make Graeme accept and care about her.


I am a fan of Ms. Banks’ other Scottish historical series, the McCabe Trilogy, and was super excited to see she was doing another trilogy.  I really enjoyed Never Seduce a Scot – Evaline is a wonderful heroine: tenacious and loyal, and Graeme is a sigh-worthy hero: patient, tender, and devoted to Evaline. They are both good, upstanding people put into a difficult situation and both are determined to make the best of it.  The hatred between the two clans runs so deep that it seems insurmountable, and Evaline’s attempts to convince her new clan to accept her are heartbreaking. Their romance is slow and sweet and the pacing is just right.

Besides the “arranged marriage” story line, there is a villain in the story and he is dastardly indeed (I am not clear,however, as to why he is the way he is).  Although I saw the conflict coming, it was still gratifying to read the conflict and resulting actions of both clans was satisfying.

Graeme’s brothers were interesting characters, and I think (I’m not positive and can’t tell from the author’s website) that they will each be a hero in the upcoming books in this trilogy.  I am definitely looking forward to Graeme’s brother Bowen’s book, Highlander Most Wanted.


Fans of historical romance will love this wonderful start to Ms. Banks’ newest series.  A sweet romance and an interesting story will keep you turning the pages!

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