[frame align=”left”]Dishing the Junk, being honest about the books we read[/frame]Dishing Junk is a new feature that we will be starting on the PJV. The girls and I have realized that we need a place to sort of vent our book & book blogger troubles. It might be something small and inconsequential that we thought was inappropriate to mention in a review – or it might be a genre-wide gush. This is going to be where we dish it out. Welcome to the first episode.

Am I too trendy?

Ha…don’t answer that. I’m about as trendy as a Firefly fan at a Trekkie Con.

Sometimes I feel judged.

People judge me when I say I like TWILIGHT. People judge me when I say I like love triangles. Judge. Judge. Judge. I’m not judging you when you gush about FIFTY SHADES. Ok, maybe a little. See, what I mean? When you have a difference in opinion that revolves around taste, people will seriously stop and ask you.

“You like that? What is wrong with you?”

There are even whole Goodreads.com lists based on being all judgmental about book tastes.

So what! I like trendy books. Or at least I’ll read trendy books to see if I like them. Trendy does not necessarily constitute like. I’m not your hipster reader, trying to find obscure literary masterpieces to flounce all over the place like I’ve discovered a three-headed Tibetan llama. Nope, give me your New York Times Best Sellers and your teenage squee worthy trends and I’m there.

Reasons I like trendy books?

  1. If a large majority of people like the book, chances are, I’ll probably like it too.
  2. I get to talk books with people I would not normally talk books with. Like my cousins. Then because of this they ask for more recommendations. It makes me feel cool.
  3. When I review a trendy books I get a lot more comments.
  4. Trendy books can also lead to more organic search terms, because people are out there looking for the book

Then, of course the topic I feel most judged about. Love Triangles.

“They are so played out.”

“If I read another love-triangle romance I’m gonna barf!”

NOT ME! Bring it on. I love when there is multiple choice! Hmmm…A B or C? All of the above? That is the book that I’m waiting for. Bella doesn’t have to choose between Jacob and Edward, because they’ve had secret fantasies where they can all just have an HEA together. Someone write that please?!

Do you feel judged about a particular taste in your literary likes? Lemme hear it…

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