PJV Quickie: ‘Shadow’s Claim’ is another testament to the powerhouse that is Kresley Cole. If you are a fan of the Immortal’s After Dark series, you are going to love ‘The Dacians’. Pair Cole’s sexy writing with the vocal skills of narrator Robert Petkoff and you have a great Paranormal Romance listen.

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Title: Shadow’s Claim
Series: The Dacian’s Book 1
Characters: Prince Trehan Daciano (Dacian) & Princess Bettina
Author: Kresley Cole
Type: Paranormal Romance, PNR
Published: 11-27-12 Simon & Schuster Audio
Source: Simon & Schuster Audio
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Review:In what is considered a back-water demon dimension the ward of two very villainous characters of the Lore lives, the Princess Bettina. After a move to be more independent Bettina made her way into the human world to only be brutally attacked by her people’s enemy and left for dead. Only a chance summoning brought her back to her kingdom and now her guardians will not let her leave. She is halfling, half sorcereress and half demon. Her enemies have taken her sorceress power and now she is completely defenseless.

Bettina’s only companion is her heart’s desire, the scoundrel Caspian, whom she grew up with. Yet, Caspian has eyes for everyone else but her and spends most of his time either fighting or getting it on with every female in the regions. Lured by a smitten vampire Caspian makes his way to the realm of the Dacians, the vampires that live in blood and mist. Their home is kept a secret, their existence thought to be mythical. There is a rule when you visit the Dacians, once you step foot inside their realm, you can never leave. Anyone that leaves without permission is tracked down by the Prince of Shadows and killed. They must maintain their secrecy at all cost.

Trehan, one of the few princes of the Dacians doesn’t want to rule, all he wants to do is live within his library and kill to protect his kingdom. He doesn’t want, he doesn’t feel…until he tracks Caspian back to his home to kill him and comes upon the sleeping Bettina. His heart begins to beat again. Trehan has found his bride. And she is quite unwilling. Trehan, who will risk his entire kingdom to win his Bride, must come out from the shadows to claim his bride, once he does this he will not be welcome home. But, there is quite a lot of competition. Bettina’s guardian’s have scheduled a tournament and the prize is Bettina. With the marriage to Bettina, they also get the crown.

Like all of Kresley Cole’s books the story is full of intense world-building. Her IMMORTAL’S AFTER DARK series is epically full of an insanely crafted fantasy world. THE DACIANS series is a spin-off of that world. We were introduced to The Dacians with the last IAD book, LOTHAIRE (I’m still blushing over that book!). Lothaire, everyone’s favorite insane vampire (yum!) was intent on winning the crown of the Dacian realm, he just had to find it first. Now, Cole introduces us to this new realm and with it the first Prince.

I would always recommend that your read the IAD series, it is a fun romp of PNR happiness, but I do not think it is needed to experience SHADOW’S CLAIM. The world is there and explained, not in garish over-done details, but enough to get you by. There are some hints at other characters in the IAD series, but nothing that is like an “inside scoop” that you have know to understand the reference. Lothaire and his hillbilly bride make a few appearances along with Nix, another favorite insane character of Cole’s.

The story of Bettina and Trehan carry itself quite nicely, in typical Cole fashion. The plot of the novel is also well done, who can complain about a fight-to-the-death match for love? Especially against a demon who if his blood is spilt could cause the end of the realm because it hatches other very deadly demons! The book has it all, violence, sexy, fun accents (narration), un-requited love, vampires gone nuts over love and innocent virgin demons. It was a great book and a fun listen. This is paranormal romance at it’s finest, Kresley Cole is a master.

Recommendations: Recommended for Paranormal Romance fans! This is a must read. Fans of authors like Gena Showalter and JR Ward will want to make book babies with Trehan and his other vampire cronies. There is a lot of sexy time, nipples, nipples and more nipples (he had a fascination with her rosy nipples) so I would have to say ADULTS ONLY kiddies.

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