PJV Quickie: “O” my goodness!  It was so much fun to read both Caroline and Simon – from the moment they first lay eyes on each other it’s loathe at first sight; but there’s a fine line between love and hate…


Title: Wallbanger
Author: Alice Clayton
Type: Contemporary Romance
Published: November 27, 2012 by Omnific Publishing
Source: Publisher
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Note: This is an adult review: 18 and over only please.


Caroline Reynolds is happy, tired, and enjoying a good night’s sleep after her first day moving in to her gorgeous new apartment.  Unfortunately for Caroline, she’s awoken at 2:30 am via loud thumping against the wall behind her bed, accompanied by groans, spanking, and a falling picture.  Adding insult to injury is the fact that after a spectacularly awful bout of sex with an ex-boyfriend, Caroline hasn’t been able to have of her own “O’s” for about six months now and she’s pretty sure her “O’s” are gone for good.  After a few nights of listening to her neighbor’s nocturnal activities – “Spanx”, followed by “Purina” (she meows), then “The Giggler” (that one’s pretty self-explanatory), Caroline is over this Wallbanger neighbor and his harem of 3 different women, and one night in a fit of frustration, she runs over to his door and confronts him about it.

Simon Parker is a photographer who travels all over the world working for various publications.  When he’s in town, he’s got three women he ‘dates’, and they all know about each other.  It works for him – fun without commitment and no one gets hurt.  But now that he and his neighbor (now known as “Pink Nightie Girl”) have called a truce, he’s having a hard time staying mad at her.  And she’s kind of cute.  And funny.  And she makes great zucchini bread….


I have been a huge fan of Ms. Clayton’s due to her fantastic Redhead series – The Unidentified Redhead and The Redhead Revealed (links are to my previous reviews).  I wasn’t sure what to expect in this new book, and while it didn’t ‘pop’ as much as her Redhead books, I enjoyed it a lot.

What I loved:

Caroline’s inner monologue is funny, and I liked the texting between Caroline and Simon – it was playful and fun.  Caroline is a great character – funny, independent, and self-aware.  Without giving anything away, there was a particular scene where she decides that a relationship without mutual respect was not worth having, and I almost stood up and cheered for her.

I think, however, that one of the best aspects of the story is Simon – I loved how he transformed from kind of a jerk to a genuinely nice guy, someone worth risking your heart over.  At the beginning of Wallbanger I wasn’t sold on him as the hero, but by the end…’O’ YES! (*whispers* I love how he played music for her from his apartment)

Clive!!!  Caroline’s cat Clive stole the show – his love for a particular character and the problems it caused were hysterical.   Clive is a pretty awesome cat *winks*

What I didn’t love:

I thought Caroline and Simon’s friends hooking up was a little too convenient, and the way they ended up going about it? No.  That situation was just a bit weird.

I also thought the sexual tension was dragged out a bit and I wanted to tell her inner monologue to hush up.  Because the sexual tension was dragged out, the ending seemed kind of quick.

Fun quote:

“You’ve got some nerve telling everyone about me, asshole!  What the Hell? Pink Nightie Girl?  Are you kidding me?” I whisper-yelled.


“Hey, I could ask you the same question!  Why do all those girls in there call me Wallbanger, huh?  Who’s telling tales now?” he whisper-yelled right back.


“Are you kidding me?  Cockblocker? Just because I refused to spend another night listening to you and your harem does not make me a cockblocker!” I hissed.


“Well, due to the fact that your door-banging blocked my cock, it actually does make you a cockblocker.  Cockblocker!” he hissed back.  This entire conversation was beginning to sound like something that might have happened in fourth grade – except for all the nighties and the cock talk.



If you’re looking for a fun, sexy read that will leave you laughing (and wishing you owned a particular hang-nailed cat).  Definitely a book to pull you out of a funk.

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