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Fan of The Walking Dead? I am!! So beginning last week a group of fellow bloggers started The Walking Dead Blog Nation. *woot woot*

The Walking Dead BlogNation will go on for 12 weeks, every Saturday and in that time the TWDBlogNation will do a homage to everything TWD. There will be some fun giveaways, great posts and just general awesomeness. Check out the end of this post for a great giveaway! My part of it —

The Walking Dead 12 Week Challenge

We are now in WEEK 6. {see the challenge post}

The Walking Dead: Best TWD scene? All seasons.

The Walking DeadThe Death of Otis

It wasn’t because I didn’t like Otis, or that I wanted him to die – it had everything to do with Shane. It was his tipping point. This was the end of Season 2. Otis and Shane went out for supplies and were overtaken. To protect himself, Shane kneecapped Otis and ran away as the zombies ate him. It showed how far gone Shane had fallen and his fatal logic. The result is Shane returning and shaving his head…embracing his sociopathic nature. Epic.

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