PJV Quickie: There is no denying Kelly Keaton’s writing, she has a dark and languid style that is both captivating and addictive. I love her  God’s & Monster series and now I got to experience a new look into her head with her self-published titled EMBERS IN A DARK FROST.

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Author: Kelly Keaton
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I do believe this might be the first labeled New Adult Fantasy that I’ve read. What is New Adult you ask? That is the middle ground between Young Adult and Adult. The characters are still young, but they are adults. The college age, still thought of as younglings, but safely in the adult category. At least that is what I’m assuming. Or, better yet, Young Adult with sex? Is that a better classification?

The story covers Deira who is a half-human living in a dark world. She is thought of as a freak. Forced to cover the striking red hair that gives away her human heritage. Deira was quite a sad character, it was her story from her POV and being hidden away, yet immensely powerful was this tug-of-war with her that caused a lot of heart-ache. I enjoyed Deira, she wasn’t your typical character that you find in fantasy novels. There is usually no middle ground, either the gung-ho hero that jumps into the fray or the one that complains the whole time. Deira was neither. She didn’t want to accomplish her “destiny” but she accepted it. There was also a romance in this novel (the aforementioned sex) which I really enjoyed. Balen the rugged. Rawr.

What I loved most about this novel was the writing. Kelly Keaton stayed true to the time-period and feeling of the world. She used a historical/fantasy language that was saturated throughout the novel and I did not notice any inconsistencies.

I did have some issues with the story in general and then the ending. It is not listed as a series book…so I’m wondering. This seems to be the “latest thing” to do as far as books and I’m not liking this trend. Give me closure, please. It wasn’t as bad as some, but just recap please. Give me a Where are they now. Is that too much to ask.

Otherwise, a good read and as always I look forward to anything from Kelly Keaton. If you haven’t partaken…do so now.


This is a mature read, for older teens. Fans of authors like Maria V. Synder should enjoy. In fact, if you like POISON STUDY (a PJV must read!) you should enjoy Embers in a Dark Frost.

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