Urban Fantasy Review: River Road by Suzanne Johnson

PJV Quickie: If you are looking for a hot new Urban Fantasy series, you need to check out Suzanne Johnson’s Sentinels of New Orleans. Original, witty and fresh, I fell in love with ROYAL STREET the first in the series and I have now had the pleasure of experiencing the follow-up. There were no sophomore slumps with this series.

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[frame align=”left”] River Road, Urban Fantas[/frame] Title: River Road
Author: Suzanne Johnson
Series: Sentinels of New Orleans
Publication:  November 13th 2012
Source: Provided by Author
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It has been two years since Drusilla Jaco has become the co-sentinel of New Orleans and she is enjoying her position as head wizard in charge. It has also been two years since Katrina ravaged the city and the storm is not forgotten in the least. New preternatural species are still popping up since the borders between the worlds came down and DJ and her partner Alex are very busy trying to keep the peace in the city. Their skills are tested though as tempers rise within the Cajun mer clans and the mighty Mississippi seems to be poisoned and infecting some of the water shifters. Then as DJ is looking into the suspected poisoned areas she comes across a body, the body of a mutilated wizard. Someone is poisoning the Mississippi and killing wizards. It is up to DJ and Alex to figure out what is going on with as little collateral damage along the way. Including to both of their personal lives, since the newest member of their team is Alex’s cousin Jake.

One of my favorite new urban fantasy series! Suzanne Johnson is a fabulous writer and her blending of unique mythical creatures, kick-butt characters and my all-time-favorite city as a backdrop makes things abso-awesome. And wait there is more… add tension, sexual and political, originality and a bit of humor and this turns into a PJV Fave. A must read for UF fans and a PJV hot recommendation. Experience the Sentinels of New Orleans, you will not regret it.  I actually think I liked RIVER ROAD better then Royal Street. But,you do need to read the first to fall in love with the second.

There were also a lot of personal touches for me, within the book, that I enjoyed, considering the stories unfolds in my backyard…hell I live right off of River Road. Unlike most authors that write about New Orleans, Johnson took us out of the French Quarter and explored the lesser known parts of the GNO area. It was fun! I’m also enjoying all the love interests in the book – some might think they are over-the-top, but I like them. The only one I’m not really feeling is Jake. Jean is reminiscent of a more sober Captain Jack Sparrow, so he is in the running for me, but I am won over by Alex. Thanks for that ending, Ms Johnson, you are evil. Yup.


The series reminds me of great UF series like the Rachel Morgan series and Kate Daniels. More Rachel though, DJ is not as tough as some other crazy UF characters, but I love how she just dives right in there even though she knows she might not come out on the better side. There is also a mystery to solve, so mystery fans should also enjoy. The Times-Picayune said it was reminiscent of Sookie, but while there are a lot of flirting, there isn’t really a focus on romance, like Sookie. Read it. You’ll like it.

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