The Walking Dead BlogNation Week 3

TWD Member Button The Walking Dead BlogNation Begins...

Fan of The Walking Dead? I am!! So beginning last week a group of fellow bloggers started The Walking Dead Blog Nation. *woot woot*

The Walking Dead BlogNation will go on for 12 weeks, every Saturday and in that time the TWDBlogNation will do a homage to everything TWD. There will be some fun giveaways, great posts and just general awesomeness. Check out the end of this post for a great giveaway! My part of it —

The Walking Dead 12 Week Challenge

We are now in WEEK 5. {see the challenge post}

The Walking Dead: If the SHTF which character would you want to have on your side via the zombie apocalypse?

My favorite character Daryl! He is very prolific. I think he would keep us alive…

Anybody that names a baby Little Ass Kicker warms my heart and is sure to keep my baby alive 😉


But enough of that! What did you guys think of the last episode? Holy SF? I’m so freaked out for Maggie and Glenn. But go-head Glenn with your bad zombie ass kicking self. He quickly jumped up in my estimation by leaps and freaking bounds. I can’t believe tomorrow’s episode closes out this year. I’m going to have withdrawals. Maybe it would be a good time to go out and grab the comics.




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