Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, Helpful Blogging Tools For You!

I thought for this Book Blogging 101, I would share the most helpful tools that I use for my blogging. This is what I’m Thankful for this Blogging Thanksgiving.

  1. WordPress– I switched from Blogger to a Self-hosted WordPress site and have not looked back. The large support forums, attractive interface and powerful tools are perfect for my growing blogs.  The plugins and ease of use as far as the interface is worth the small amount I pay yearly to host parajunkee.com. My blog has only grown bigger and better and with the added advantages that WordPress gives me, it only makes it easier to expand.
    • Favorite Plugins:
      1. JetPack – the options that are available with JetPack have replaced most of what Feedburner and other distribution type programs did for me before, so instead of having ten different sites that do this and this and this, JetPack does them all.
      2. Review Ratings (shortcodes & buttons) – instead of using a rating system based on images, I now use a plugin. I can also insert a list of same ratings at the end of my reviews with this plugin, which is very helpful. I am in search of a better option that will be able to categorize my reviews, but I have not found one that I’m ready to purchase yet. This one is free.
      3. Shortcodes Ultimate – Another FREE plugin that is a must-have. I can insert graphic looking buttons and image carousels easily with this powerful plugin.
      4. WordPress Editorial Calendar – How I worked within WordPress before this Plugin, I have no idea! This Editorial Calendar is amazing! Especially with multiple authors. We can view what is going up when with just a glance, along with drag and drop posts to different dates.
  2. Google Docs – From collaborating on ideas with other Bloggers, to setting up contest forms, Google Docs has been perfect for a variety of reasons during my Blogging career.
  3. Google Analytics – It started as a curiosity. How many people are visiting my site, now I use it all the time. I measure what works and doesn’t work. My hot days, my down days. Without analytics I would be clueless and the results always surprise me.
  4. Stock.xchng – I always need a nice image for my blog. This way I am not going broke or infringing on copyright by using one I found on the internet.
  5. LinkyTools – I am a member and use it all the time for my lists. The best $25 a year! Wish it was still free, but I do not fault him for charging, it is a great program.
  6. Twitter – The best way to market my blog post. I tweet and I watch my pageviews go up.
  7. Goodreads.com – Do I say more? I grab my synopsis, book covers and gather book recommendations all in one spot. I love this site.
  8. Facebook – My Facebook fan page is also another great way I promote my blog post, it is also another tool to start a conversation.


Reader Question of the Week:

“What happens after you have reviewed a book sent directly from the author? Do you send them the review? Do you just send the link on your blog? Do you even tell them? What if it’s a bad review? – Diana

You would email them the link. Or prior tell them the review is scheduled for date XXX on your blog. If it is a bad review it is still common courtesy to email them.

Book Blogging News:

Goodreads.com enters the Final Round of the 2012 Goodreads Choice Awards if you haven’t voted, now is the time.


Happy Thursday. Talk Less. Read More. Blog with Integrity.

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