PJV Quickie: Most are of the opinion that the Paranormal Romance market is flooded with Vampire Romances and new and fresh breeds should be taking over. As a fan of vampires I don’t want to see them go anywhere, especially after I read FRESH takes on the Vampire Romance, like Susannah Sandlin’s Penton Legacy Series. This is a must read for Vampire fans!

[frame align=”left”]Redemption, The Penton Legacy[/frame] Title: Redemption
Author: Susannah Sandlin
Series: The Penton Legacy
Publication: 2012 Montlake
Source: Publisher
Rating: 5 Stars Purchase Goodreads Author Web


A pandemic has struck the human population and before it could decimate a vaccine was found and most of the human race was inoculated. There was one unexpected side-effect though, vampires, who had been inconspicuously feeding off of humans for millennia could no longer feed off of vaccinated humans. They began to starve. Unvaccinated humans became prized possessions, traded, bought and fought over. A group of civilized vampires, led by Aidan Murphy has decided to try to live peacefully in a small town called Penton, Alabama. He has gathered together other vampires like himself, along with unvaccinated humans, to live in a symbiotic relationship that benefits both. Yet, his little haven is threatened, by his brother of all people and the only person that can help them, Aidan fears he might have to force to get her to stay. Dr. Krystal Harris thinks she is coming to Penton for a job interview but instead she is being held prisoner by Aidan Murphy…and maybe suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, because he is just too sexy for words.

Typical Vampire Romance, right? Sexy vampire, unwitting human, held captive by sexy vampire…I know, you’ve read this before! But, not like Sandlin has done it. She took a well-used back-story and crafted it around two very distinct characters, embedded within a highly original world. Kudos to Ms. Sandlin, because it isn’t done a lot. Most of the time I’m usually the one rolling my eyes when books fall within the same genre trappings. She did a good job with the start of this series. Aidan was hot and conflicted and not overly Alpha. Krystal was a bit damaged, yet resilient and with a mind of her own. It was fun and action packed, with an underlying play of remorse to the main character which you don’t normally find with these paranormal Alphas.

I look forward to reading more from Susannah Sandlin.


For fans of Paranormal Romance and Vampire Romance. This is an adult read and is full of hot sexy time. Fans of authors like Kresley Cole and Jeaniene Frost should really enjoy.

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