Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie ReviewThis is how my review of BREAKING DAWN PART 2 goes. It is going to be short and sweet. I did not care for the ending of BREAKING DAWN, via the book. Personally, I had been holding out hope that it would come down to a Jacob and Edward showdown with one of them ending up dead, the victor reaping the spoils..err Bella. I know I’m sick that way. But, I figured, I had sat through enough Bubble Gum and Shirley Temples that I might as well get a hit of something more potent at the end of this party.

So, for me BREAKING DAWN the book was like going to a teetotaler’s birthday party on Bourbon Street. You’ve got fangs…let’s use them, right? But, granted what can I expect from an author that made her vampires sparkle? She took the easy road out with the IMPRINT thing and then the whole, let’s sit down and talk this out, showdown at the end. Yawn. Granted, I am a fan of the series, but talk about a fizzle of an ending. So, I went into BD2 knowing I was only going again — to see this thing through. And it was what I expected. The movies have been rather sedate renditions of the books. Actually sticking quite precisely to the nature of the books and BD2 was no different. It felt short in my estimation and I enjoyed the whole “fight” scene at the end. But, overall it had that Candy Sparkle Happiness appeal, but really only magnified, because this time I got to SEE it instead of reading it, which is so much more potent. Candy Sparkle Happiness sums up the whole series of books and movies, if you want your vampires all sparkly and tasting of chocolate and fuzzy around the edges (they used that effect way too much in the film) this series is perfect. It’s a romance, bottom line. You leave the film with happily ever afters ALL THE WAY around. Everyone is dancing and the town is singing, “Yo Ho Happy Vampires!” There are birds flying, a cherub dancing…I think maybe Disney might have bought the rights of this instead of Summit and we would be seeing Bella as the only fanged princess. Because personally, I saw more action at the end of Mulan then I did during this movie.

Final Summation: If you like the book, you’ll like the movie. They did it justice and didn’t change anything that made me stop and cry shenanigans. But, I do not think people going into it that haven’t been converted yet, by either the books or the prior movies will get nothing out of it. And that is my somewhat quickie Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Review.