PJV Quickie: This book has eclectic POV’s that mesh into a single interwoven plot line. Overall an interesting read but the amount of POV’s tended to bog down the anticipation.

Title: Kugler Dynasty

Author: Studio Dongo

Genre: Sci-fi/fantasy

Source: Author provided.

Published: Oct 16th, 2012

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: New Holland is coming. This submerged city of organized lawlessness built to cruise the international waters of the world will soon be making its way to a port near you, but before it can even be constructed, the wealthy Kuglers will have to be talked into sponsoring the project by young Mick, who has just married into the family. In Book One of the Danglers Series, we meet a global cast of characters: the maritime architect who designed drilling platforms before being hired to build a tsunami-proof apartment complex in Tokyo Bay; two computer hackers from Juarez who commit the wrong crime at the right moment; a medical researcher in New York who refuses to share her latest breakthrough with her corporate sponsor; and a bodybuilder in Amsterdam who unwittingly applies for a job that will change his life when he agrees to help clean up someone else’s mess in the Red Light District. All the while, we learn more and more about the enigmatic Ruth Kugler, heiress to a family fortune that can be traced back to twelfth-century Vienna.

This rating should be more like a 3.5. It was a good book. I, actually,enjoyed the story that the author was telling. The text was clean and well written and I was engaged. It kept my attention. The characters were all interesting and grew throughout the story. What really held me back from a full 4 stars was that there was major lull for me for a good 10% of the book. Not very much, but it was there. I felt like the muli-view points got to be too much. We get half way through the book before we even revisit one of the characters. It drove me insane because I was really invested in those early characters like Dutch, and Mick. I saw the threads that were tying all of them together, and I loved the beginnings of sci fi starting to pop up as the book moved on.

This book is not a straight forward science fiction book. Like I said before there are glimmers here and there. Honestly, there was science and technology used throughout that I can’t even pretend to understand. I tend to lose myself in stories like this and just accept what the author is selling us. I don’t pick up on the little things here and there that can make advanced technology etc. far fetched for some. If the author tells me this is what happened I am going to believe it. LOL. I’m just gullible I guess. So does the science fiction aspect make total sense. Well to me it does. I can’t say if it would to a more logical and technologically trained eye.

My favorite part of the whole entire book was the world building. The author managed to give us a rich and in depth world for each storyline. I felt like I was being transported from Texas, Amsterdam, Underwater, and Mexico. It was wonderful. I will admit the idea of the floating underwater places fascinates me.

I debated for a very long time between a 4 star and 3 star rating. Ultimately I choose 3 because while I liked the book I wasn’t in love with the book. I don’t want to scare other readers away from it because it is worth a read and to the right reader it could be a 5 star book.

All in all a very good book. Recommended for readers who love a good mutli-pov sci fi book.


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