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I read many, many more books than I review.  As long as it’s a romance, I’m not too picky – Contemporary, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal, Gay & Lesbian, or any combination of these categories.  I’ve been on a YA binge, or really, I guess more New Adult (college age or just out of college), and I’ve noticed a theme that is driving me crazy:


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Music.  Specifically, song titles.  Not a playlist (at the beginning or end of the book), but actually putting songs into the story, such as this completely made-up example:

As I drove home from possibly the worst date ever, [insert random song from some indie band I’ve never heard of] played on the radio, as if the universe was speaking directly to me through my car stereo speakers.

At this point, I’ve got a few options:

  1.  Ignore. (Anyone who knows me knows this isn’t going to happen.)
  2. Wonder briefly about the song and how it pertains to the situation at hand and silently curse the author for taking me out of the story to wonder about this random song, or
  3. If I’m at home, stop reading, go over to my computer and look up the song and take a listen.

Here’s the thing – I’m going to wonder about the song.  But if I’m not home I’m not going to look it up on my phone because it will take forever.  If I’m at home, I do not want to get up and go look it up; in the evenings when I finally sit down in my comfy chair to read, I don’t want to keep getting up and down to look up random songs by bands I’ve never heard of.

So I’m wondering…is it just me? I honestly have not noticed if it’s only ‘indie’ authors or YA/New Adult books.  Is it a new trend or am I late to the party?  Am I just too old and out of touch to appreciate rockin’ song references sprinkled throughout books?  Would I mind if it was a bunch of 80’s or 90’s songs that I know?

Tell me, dear readers:  What happens when you run across books with songs in them?  Do you actually recognize the songs? Does it bother you if you don’t? (and if you don’t, do you go look them up?)

~Grumpy out.