PJV Quickie: BOYFRIEND FROM HELL is your typical Urban Fantasy novel with all the kick-assery, crazy paranormal world and sexy heroes and heroines you would expect from the genre. Justine, the main character of the book though was a little different then normal, which at first was hard to relate to, but as the story went on it sucked your right in!

[frame align=”left”]Urban Fantasy, Boyfriend from Hell[/frame] Title: Boyfriend from Hell
Author: Jamie Quaid
Series: Saturn’s Daughter
Publication: September 25th 2012 by Pocket Books
Source: Provided by Publisher
Rating: 5 Stars Purchase Goodreads Author Web


Justine “Tina” Clancy is this strange character that is going through life caught within a constant struggle. She is a law student that has a very checkered past (of no fault of her own) who cannot work anywhere else, but in a radioactive zone within Baltimore. This area is known to have odd residents and even more bizarre properties. But, it is the only place Tina can make good money as a bookkeeper.

On the way to make a deposit her flakey boyfriend, who was late picking her up in her own car, tries to run her over and she Damns him to Hell. Seems Tina has strange parentage and now has the ability to send people to Hell. Problem is, Max, her boyfriend wasn’t really trying to run her over, her car was out of control and it might have been sabotaged…

A mystery, a paranormal backdrop, an independent and stubborn main character, all combined to make an enjoyable read. At first it was a little tough to get into, Tina is very prickly and the mystery wasn’t as enthralling at first, but once more and more aspects of the Zone and Tina herself were revealed, I was engrossed. It has all the elements that a good Urban Fantasy should have, the heroine is nice and flawed, there is a bit of underlying humor and absurdity, a bit of sexy, but nothing Romantic and a paranormal mystery that speaks of a few more books to come.

Speaking of absurdity, Tina goes through a lot of transitions in this book — and if you’ve taken a look at the cover, you might notice that there just happens to be a very hawt leather clad, ass-kicking chick on it. The funny thing is, Tina doesn’t really start out like that, so I kept looking at the cover as I read and shaking my head — which as I got to the end it cracked me up. But, you’ll find this out when you read the book. Which I recommend for Urban Fantasy fans. Grab it. You won’t be disappointed.


For fans of Urban Fantasy and Mystery novels. This is an adult novel and covers a few racy topics. Fans of the beginning Anita Blake books and Rachel Morgan might find yourself a new series to sink your teeth into.

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