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Fan of The Walking Dead? I am!! So beginning last week a group of fellow bloggers started The Walking Dead Blog Nation. *woot woot*

The Walking Dead BlogNation will go on for 12 weeks, every Saturday and in that time the TWDBlogNation will do a homage to everything TWD. There will be some fun giveaways, great posts and just general awesomeness. Check out the end of this post for a great giveaway! My part of it —

The Walking Dead 12 Week Challenge

We are now in WEEK 2. {see the challenge post}

The Walking Dead: Favorite female character?

Easy! Michonne – asskickery at it’s finest. Anyone that can chop off the arms and mandibles of her exes and drag them around as camo – is FABULOUS. Dude – leave dumbass Andrea with The Guvn’r and set off on your own to fine yourself a hawt zombie killing machine of your own.

Here is Michonne’s AMC Bio:

Michonne is the mysterious stranger who saved Andrea from walkers with her katana blade. True to the iconic character from Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel, she is a quiet, but fierce warrior. She and Andrea begin on the road together, but their bond will be tested when they are taken into Woodbury by the Governor.

Discussionon Last Episode:

Will contain spoilers.

So last week’s episode?? Right? Good gravy. The scene where they cut Lori open *gah!* That was intense and now what? Rick goes bonkers? That should be nice and fun to witness. I was actually more upset when T-Dog died instead of Lori. They have her described as the emotional center of the group, but I never really liked her, especially since last season when she kept leading Shane on. I think she was the defining factor with Shane’s bit of crazy. Then Andrea wanting to stick around with The Governor. Well frankly, of course we can tell he’s cray cray – but for her to go and give Merl the 411 on Daryl’s last location and be all “helpful” is just roll-your-eyes stupid. That girl needs to wake up and smell the sociopath.

Are we thinking Carol is still alive? They just showed her scarf – I think she is. If she’s dead they’ll have only two girls in the group. Awkward. Especially since one is under age. Speaking of which, what is with the smiles between her and destined to be a sociopath Carl? I guess he liked older women. Or at least he knows that is his only chance to continue the gene pool.

Overall — I’m very excited with this season. These writers do not write within the usual “accepted” variables of television. Completely loving it. No one is safe. Score.



TWDBlogNation Group Giveaway

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