PJV Quickie:Ironskin was a charming book to read if you looked past some of the obvious problems within the plot and the character building. I did enjoy the details and the anxiety within the book, along with the main character and her charming ward, yet if everything had pulled together properly, this would have been a great book, instead of just a good book.
[frame align=”left”] Young Adult Steampunk[/frame] Title: Ironskin
Author: Tina Connolly
Series: Ironskin #1
Publication: October 2nd 2012 by Tor Books
Source: Provided by publisher
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Review:The story is a loose interpretation of Jane Eyre. Loose because I wouldn’t consider it a retelling, more like a fan fiction version of the story that wove within it fey and steampunk elements. Yet, while the book followed within the lines of Jane Eyre, the author seemed to assume that you would embrace the retelling aspect and consider it a truth. Much like if I named a character Romeo and Juliette and assumed that because of their naming they would fall in love. Because, while I did enjoy the characters, I would not consider this a romance on the Jane Eyre variety. It was more like a “oh I’m in love” moment, without any actual falling.

The character hero, Rochart wasn’t exactly a character I would consider a great romantic hero. He was quite a coward, giving up at times and allowing Jane to take over and at most times, a terrible father. His seeming concern for his daughter upon hiring Jane was put into question when he spent absolutely no time with her. Yet, in retrospect, Jane was a larger-than-life character, a perfectly formed heroine of great worth. I really enjoyed reading about her, yet in the end, some of her actions (which were there to draw the story forward) were quite questionable and left me disappointed with the outcome.

Overall it was an enjoyable read if you don’t look deeper then the shallow surface. Don’t question the world or the hero. I enjoyed the story behind the book and the unique interplay between the aristocracy and the character of Jane. I just thought it could be so much more. Characters would burn bright for a moment and then fade. If the momentum would have kept going, if Rochart would have been a character that I could fall in love with, instead of just another so-so character this book could have been a favorite of mine. Connelly is a competent writer and her ideas were well-crafted, it just seemed hurried.


Fan of retellings? You should enjoy. It is a safe read for teens and the paranormal elements are not overwhelming if you are looking to transition. It is also a good book to experience the steampunk genre for the first time.

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