Blogging TipDesign Tip:

Say no to music/sound/auto-play video.

The use of music has NEVER been a good idea when integrated it into a design. Yet, no matter how many times I tell clients that music is no good, they still insist on it. Only in certain RARE occasions can it be implemented with awesome results:

[list style=”idea”]
  • If you are a band or musician (band’s song auto-plays)
  • Movie Web Sites (autoplay trailer)
  • Small Sound Effects

On any other site, the first thing someone is going to do, is click away or look for the MUTE/PAUSE button.

Especially if they are browsing in a “quiet” environment — then it will invoke a sense of panic to the user. No one wants to invoke a fight or flight response when viewing a web site. You might love that song — but chances are that the majority of your readers will not. Especially if they are viewing your site at work! Take it off, or disable Auto-Play and just have it so the user has to click PLAY to start the music or video.