[frame align=”left”] ICED[/frame] Title: Iced
Author: Karen Marie Moning
Series: Dani O’Malley #1 (Fever Spinoff)
Publication: October 30th 2012 by Delacorte Press
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Combined Rating: 5 Stars Purchase   Goodreads Author Web

ICED by Karen Marie Moning had to be for Patti and I one of the most anticipated books of the year. We had both learned that the series was going to continue at the SHADOWFEVER signing and the main character was going to be Dani MEGA O’Malley. And like others who are big fans of The Fever Series, this left us with both high anticipation and a little bit of fear. Dani’s POV? It was a fecking scary thought…but to Moning’s credit, the woman is a genius and the book was a really good book, but like all good books it brought up more questions than it answered.

ICED picks up right where SHADOWFEVER left off. If you remember, Dani had been standing on the tower spying on BB&B when she was approached by Ryodan about a job and then subsequently “saved” by Christian, which allowed her to freeze-frame off. There is no escaping Ryodan in ICED though, once he sets his sights on Dani, there is no turning back. He literally forces her to work for him to solve a problem that is vexing the city, some unknown entity is icing areas of the city, plunging them into an absolute zero environment that leaves nothing alive, fae or human. One of the first spots to be hit is deep within the bowels of Chester’s. Ryodan gives Dani no choice, help him solve this problem, or he will kill off everyone she holds dear.

ParajunkeePJ’s Quickie Thoughts:  The book was fast-paced and a wild ride. I was sucked back into the Fever World and dammit I didn’t want to leave again!! My ill-ease at having Dani as the main character was put to rest, I think I actually like her now! I wish there was more Mac & Barrons, but what can you do? The story was very interesting, more of a focused mystery, with a beginning and an end then the other books in the series. I really enjoyed it. 4 Stars.

Patti’s Quickie Thoughts: I devoured Iced in a day – every time I thought “I’ll put it down next page”, I couldn’t!  I wasn’t sure I’d like Dani, I found her annoying in previous books but KMM is a master and made it work.  Dani is adorable. And tough. And adorable!  I also loved Ryodan (which I didn’t expect), Christian, and Dancer; I’m not so fond of the sidhe seers, especially Jo. There wasn’t much Mac and Barrons but I was okay with it – I was thoroughly enjoying The Mega in her own right.  I think I’m going to love where this series is going…There are some pretty good threads left untied  that have me already dying for the next book. 4.5 stars.

The ICED Discussion


ParajunkeeMy initial reaction upon hearing that the books will be from Dani’s POV was fear. “Holy Frog! Is KMM going Young Adult?” I mean the chick is fourteen and a bit on the immature side for all her maiming and killing. Fourteen year old heroine means young adult? But, of course, how could I doubt KMM? Fourteen, bah! This was not a young adult book. Not to mention, Dani was not as annoying as she was at her worst in the Mac books. She was still a bit immature, but KMM let you in her head a lot more, showing the reasoning behind her actions. These peeks into her head softened Dani’s rougher edges and made her an enjoyable character to read and by the first 50 pages I was rooting for her. Granted, she did make some really stupid mistakes which had me gritting my teeth and she’s so very stubborn that at times she doesn’t see what as a reader I think is obvious. KMM does this a lot though, she put me through the ringer with Mac. Now, I guess it is Dani’s turn, which basically I think is a mini Mac. The difference being, Mac starts out as a rainbow girl, Dani’s been black since she was eight years old, so it is probably going to have to be a reverse transition. Put a little rainbow in Dani.

I was hesitant – KMM was really going to make that annoying little girl the main character in a series? Oh no.  But I should have trusted the author who brought us JZB  – Dani is a kick in the pants 🙂  I liked that we got a bit of her history and how she ended up at the Abbey.  She’s still pretty much a loner though, and I find her to be a very sympathetic character.  Her character is polarized:  she’s at that age where she’s not a woman and not a child; she had to grow up fast but everyone still treats her like a child  She watches porn but is disgusted when she finds out what Ryodan’s doing on his desk.  I loved that Dani chafed at being Ryodan’s employee but The Mega was excited about being his superhero sidekick.  I snickered alot reading this book.


ParajunkeeI’ve thought since the beginning that Ryo was going to be the “hero” for Dani. Which kind of disturbs me, heres hoping KMM matures Dani quickly, because frankly in ICED she is still a kid. Yet, with my thoughts focused on Ryo as the main man, he really pissed me off at points in this novel. I’m trying to root for him and KMM really brought him out in ICED, yet he just can’t keep his dick in his pants, literally. He was just waving it all around in ICED. What a man-slut! But, I get it, progression right?? Bah! At moments he was all possessive of Dani, much like Barrons with Mac in the beginning, but I didn’t get it as a sexual vibe, more as Ryo sees Dani’s potential as a very powerful being. He might be thinking that when she gets older he might “sample” her, but I doubt it is anything with hearts and strawberries, even though Ryodan seems to be a little more relaxed as far as showing emotion. Overall, I did like Ryo, not as much as JZB, but I did like him. I do believe JZB had more of a punch in the beginning of the series because it affected Mac and she described him as both frustrating but tempting. Whereas, Dani describes Ryo as child would describe an adult. There is a new interplay of emotional bonding. Ryo protects Dani as a child would, not as a potential lover. And while Dani hints at Ryo’s sexual appeal, she is not aware of sexuality yet, so it makes it quite different than the usual romance interplay. Did I overthink this??

Ryodan? Yes please.  I really like Ryodan: mysterious, sexy, and I love that he takes a firm hand with Dani – he’s going to mold her into something special. (Kind of like JZB did with Mac?).  But I think as the books move along that she’s going to produce big changes in him too… I think he sees Dani as something special that comes once in a lifetime, and his lifetime is a very, very long one. (Did anyone else see a similarity between Ryo/Dani and the Jacob/Renesmee scenario? I’m not ready to bring Pedo-Bear into it yet.)    That being said,  I don’t understand what he’s doing with Jo and I don’t like it.  If he’s going to get his panties in a snit because Dani smelled like Christian then WTF is he doing with Jo?  Does he need sex, like to sustain his life force or something?  Something I read gave me that impression but I can’t remember what part.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Ryo in the Fever books but he grew on me in Iced and I am now officially a fan – check off the “sexy alpha” character box because Ryodan fills the spot perfectly. *rawr*


ParajunkeeWhat a fecking nut case! At the end of SHADOWFEVER I felt terrible for Christian. I’m a sucker for the MacKeltars and Christian seemed like he had such potential. In ICED I just wanted to stake him! He is changing into an Unseelie Prince and he can’t control his emotions, he’s inundated with cold intensity, hunger and lust. Of all the men in the book, he has fixated on Dani sexually and is in FULL stalker mode. What a total perv! I do think that his part in the book ended well (he is just KMMs whipping boy) for his character, not for him personally. I do not want him to be Dani’s love interest though. Nope.

Oh – see, I feel totally different about Christian!  I’ve had a crush on Christian since he first appeared on the scene; he’s my favorite secondary character in the Fever books and I think he’s great in Iced!   While I hate what’s happening to him, I love what KMM has done creativity-wise, not that I would have wished for the situation he’s currently in –  he’s tormented, conflicted, brutal and at the same time he’s so, so lost.  I think by the end his character will be tragically lost, but I’m hoping against hope that KMM has some sort of redemption planned.  The scene where he’s talking to Dani and he tells her the other Unseelie princes should scare her because they do some sick shit, and then turns around and tells her he’s giving her a wedding gift… he’s aware he’s changing and yet, not aware – and it’s scary.  I agree he is kind of stalkery but I think he’s fighting his Unseelie side as hard as he can to wait and let her choose when she’s ready.

Other characters

ParajunkeeThe other characters in the book were many. Likeable surprises included Lor, gawd I’m in love! He’s so funny! When he wanted to touch Dani while she was in hyper mode and she was egging him on to touch her, I thought that was great. He also had her back, which I didn’t expect. I think he genuinely likes her, even though he would probably kill her if Ryo or Barrons told him to. I liked me some Dancer too, I thought he was awesome for standing up to the Big Boys. I do think he is something more than he appears to be, though, so his standing up to those boys might not be as big of a deal when we find out what he is. The Jo story was not a likeable point on my end. Where did she come from, first of all? She just popped in the story trying to save Dani and ended up getting all sucked into it. Personally I felt her part in the book was the only FORCED piece. I didn’t like her, I didn’t like her role and I thought her actions made no sense. Then the Kat and Sean interplay that was there to bring Cruce into the storyline. Kat just reminds me of this broken kitty…she seemed so much stronger in the other books and as a leader she sort of went blah.

So.  Dancer.  His name is familiar but I don’t remember him at all from Shadowfever.  Was he there? I’m still listening to Shadowfever again on audio so I’ll be waiting for him.  Dancer is awesome!  He’s age appropriate, obviously he’s in love with Dani, and I get the impression he’s a sexy nerdy boy/man.  I really do have so much love for Dancer.  But he’s mysterious – where does he go, what is he up to when he’s gone? Something’s up with that one…

It was awesome to get to know Ryodan’s crew a little better! I’ve been seeing shout-outs for Lor – he’s not a huge player at this point but I really like him; he’s funny, more human-seeming, I hope we see more of Lor in future books.  And yes, for me too, the scene where Dani is a blur and invites Lor to touch her shoulder but they all look at Ryodan is hysterical. OH! And the scene where Dani is following Ryo up the stairs and Lor tells her “He can deal with not being able to control you as long as you let the world believe he does. He’s king here, honey. Kings can’t be challenged publicly.” *sighs*

Don’t get me started on Jo.  She’s forgotten why she’s supposed to be at Chesters.  Also, the Kat scenes seemed like gratuitous sex, but they did move along the story at the Abbey and reminded us that Cruce is still in play.

Favorite Scene:

ParajunkeeAll involving Ryodan. Funniest was a scene where Christian comes upon a frozen Dani and a naked Ryodan trying to revive her. All Christian can do is look at Ryodan’s dick and compare it to his own. It was hilarious and more Christian crazy. The second one was when Ryodan meets up with Seelie court while investigating and ice scene and him and the new Fae in Charge square off. Made my heart go all aflutter:

Favorite Scenes from Iced by Karen Marie Moning

I have several favorite scenes too – for some reason I think my favorite is where Barrons and Ryo encounter the Crimson Hag, and Barrons says he’s going to kill Dani and Ryo tells him to get in line.  Really though, the book is full of favorite scenes – Dani is an engaging character who’s full of life and bravado and won’t cower down to Ryodan.  She’s pretty awesome.



Favorite Quote:

Parajunkee “I like sex for breakfast kid, I eat early and often.” – Ryodan


“Is that pity, Ryodan? ‘Cause I don’t need it.  Thought you were tougher than that.” – Dani



ParajunkeeIf Ryodan said “postulate” one more time I was going to scream, considering that was a word Barrons used a lot.

Jo and all her baggage. Again where did she come from? And why didn’t she leave? And that whole campfire cuddle shit? What was that??


LOL, I didn’t notice the “postulate”, now I’m curious… No real bothers for me, except the campfire cuddle shit, as you so delicately phrased it.


Oh, and I want mooorrreeee….  I’m ready for the next book – Burned, I think it’s going to be titled?



Yep… Burned (Dani O’Malley, #2)  is what they are calling it and scheduled for release, FML –> 2013. FLAYED is the third one. All from Dani’s POV. There will be two more books released after that, which go back to Mac…from what I can tell. Looks like I’m going to be waiting for these books until I’m 40…gives me something to live for 😉