The Walking Dead BlogNation#TWDBlogNation

Have I mentioned before that I’m a fan of zombie fiction? So when Trini from a Book-Lovers’ Review emailed me about TWD BlogNation how could I refuse?

The Walking Dead BlogNation will go on for 12 weeks, every Saturday and in that time the TWDBlogNation will do a homage to everything TWD. There will be some fun giveaways, great posts and just general awesomeness. In this time, I was actually going to try and finish a The Walking Dead challenge that was set up for Tumblr folks — but I figured I could modify it and maybe challenge a few of you to join in with me. You are more then welcome to join up. I’ll answer the challenge questions each week. You DO NOT have to post on Saturdays. Any day is fine. Just leave your link in the comments if you want to join up. Or tweet out the link with the hashtag #TWDBlogNation

Here is the line-up:

zombieThe Walking Dead 12 Week Challenge

  1. Favorite male character?
  2. Favorite female character?
  3. Which character would you like to see eaten?
  4. Nastiest or Scariest walker you’ve seen on the show?
  5. If the SHTF which character would you want to have on your side via the zombie apocalypse?
  6. Best TWD scene? All seasons.
  7. What book do you think would make a better or comparable Zombie television show?
  8. Out of the three seasons, what surprised you the most?
  9. The Zombie SHTF — what do you do?
  10. You’re bit. Go zombie or take a bullet?
  11. Scariest moment of Season Three?
  12. Have you read the books or comics? How do they compare to the television show?


#TWDBlogNation Week 1 Questions — Favorite male character?

A. Daryl Dixon – It was actually Shane, but le sigh, we know how that crush turned out. I always had a thing for the crazy nut jobs. Even though I do blame Lori – it was a very trying time and she kept leading him on. So, Daryl, who was a favorite, moves up to position 1 as Most Favorite of Awesomeness. It’s that crossbow and his quietness. I’m really kind of excited about the return of Merl, his brother. What will he do? Who will he pick? Rick or Merl? Which will probably come down to Woodbury or Rick’s Gang. The below image is one of the promo shots for the first episode of Season Three. Rick’s big thing was “Don’t Break Ranks!” As you see, Daryl in the image is standing away from the group — is the foreshadowing? I sure hope he doesn’t go with The Governor, who is a total douche nugget.

The Walking Dead

TWDBlogNation Group Giveaway

During our TWDBlogNation extravaganza there will be a ton of giveaways, so don’t forget to come back and check out each post! This week’s giveaway is an AUDIO CD of THE WALKING DEAD: THE ROAD TO WOODBURY.


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